Saturday, July 22, 2017

Busy Summer and getting ready for Winter Crowd

The park is pretty slow right now - of course all the snowbirds are gone and even most of the year round people have headed off to cooler temperatures. We get three or four nightly's almost everyday, the base is busy so we have quite a few contractors and Marines and families, almost all the cottages are rented so that keeps us busy.

Had a group of local kids try and sneak into the pool about 12 of them, raising a ruckus, so we had to throw them out, the pool and facilities are for residents and guests only. They had a ball and were jumping around in the deep end and sadly did some damage to the drain covers. The day before we had just had the County inspector for the pool and all the food and drink coolers checked and we got a perfect rating, they tested the water and cooler temps, hot tub temp and did a water check, so we were pretty happy.

The same day we sent the kids packin, another pool inspector came by about half an hour after we got rid of the kids and lo and behold the inspector discovered the broken pool drain covers and red flagged the pool. We called our pool service and he came out and tried to fix the covers but they were cracked and the bolts were broken off in the pool bottom, so he needed to drill out the broken screws and tap the holes for the new covers. For some unknown reason he refused to use an electric drill in the pool???

So that evening we drained the pool - huge expense and a ton of water.

Pool Draining at night.

The next morning first thing we replaced all three drain covers and really cleaned the pool bottom...

We called the inspectors and they came right out and allowed us to open the pool as soon as we had water back in it, which took most of 2 days...

So things have been busy at the on to my plan, spent some time down at my new site and took some pictures and started planning for some modifications...can't wait to have some shade and wind protection and a nice comfortable patio.

This is the site - the old trailer on the right is prepped to move out!

Storage shed - Man Cave...what you see!

Cap's Oasis - what I see...

Hope to get that old trailer out of here this month - then start to clean up the area and get my trailer moved then get started on fixing up the patio and shed - should be a fun transition. Get the electric squared away and a small A/C unit installed, floor, wall paneling, new door, bar window, kill the weeds, patio furniture, potted plants, get the Camp Chef Grill in place...who knows maybe a big screen TV, recliner inside and a kegerator!

Cap's Oasis will be born and grow during the winter!

Stay tuned - once the trailer is moved will sell the truck and find a nice smaller SUV to be mobile again, but for this year the adventure is building my Oasis!

Forgot we are still having some amazing sunsets!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The New Plan

Sometimes things just happen to make you change your lifestyle!

This has been an interesting year, for sure...most of you know that my truck is dying a slow miserable death and it has created a situation that required me to re-think my future and what I wanted to do...quite frankly I have been getting tired of hauling my house around behind me and the stress of towing the trailer all over the mountain west. Additionally the cost at 8 MPG is getting to be a burden.

So now, needing a new truck capable of towing the trailer is almost out of the realm of possibility. So it is time to rethink my life's plan and move forward.

I am very fortunate to be in the RV Park I am in and have great owners who are very happy with the work I have done for them for the last 4 winters. So with that in mind and realizing I am at least stuck here for this summer, while I either find another truck or devise a new plan. The more I thought about it, the decision to create a new plan was the way to go...

The Park owners have been very accommodating here and happy to have me stay and anxious to add some additional duties for the summer to allow me to stay here at virtually no cost to me, and even make a few extra bucks, which is nice. We met and have come to terms for my future. I will continue with my winter duties and we have added some additional projects which will keep me busy and help them year round, or nearly year round, I have told them 10 months. They have honored my request to move the trailer to another site which is between two permanent units which will give me some needed shade and it also has a nice storage shed which I can fix up. The trailer will be parked permanent so no need for a big ass truck to haul it around. I am going to look for a smaller SUV or Jeep to do my running around and traveling, better gas mileage and more comfortable than the big truck.

There is currently a park model trailer in the site which has been stripped and will be hauled away within a few weeks, once that is done, I will clean up the site and move mine over there, then work on getting rid of the truck and find a smaller vehicle. The smaller less expensive to drive vehicle will allow me to travel locally to some spots I want to visit, may head down to AZ and see Sherry Hathaway Lewis and maybe even Greg Salton Sea, Borego Springs and several other areas within a day or twos drive...Hope to find something with real 4 wheel drive so I can visit some out of the way places and just camp and take pictures.

I can still go North and South - have a bedroom or two in Salt Lake and one in Kalispell for some shorter stays.

Just may make a long trip for two months back to Ohio and our Class Reunion...hitting some nice scenic spots along the way...Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore!

29 Palms base 2018 Long trip

I really like the Jeep Liberty...

A Wrangler may be nice...

In the meantime, I will continue to chase the Milky Way!

Stay tuned for more details as I move and refurbish my new site, have some great plans to make it more comfortable for near year round living...then the new vehicle search! If anyone has a nice smaller 4 wheel drive SUV they want to get rid of let me know.

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Time for lemonade...

This past month or so has been a royal pain in my ass...not that I don't like 29 Palms, I do, but the plan for the past 5 years has been winters only and adventure and travel during the summer - love Montana and Utah.

However, after a solid 6 years on the road dragging my house behind me, the current circumstances have made me think about change, more on that later...the truck still runs but no power to tow the trailer any distance for sure, so need to adjust.

Most of you know I packed everything up a month ago and have been reluctant to unpack and settle in again, hoping I won the lottery and all my problems would be solved...well today the grill came back out and time for more stuffed peppers, good burgers, brats and an occasional ribeye.

May as well it is the 4th of July, National grilling day.

Love using the griddle on the Camp Chef, time for some great breakfasts.

Love Fireworks...

A composite over the Mountains...

The Future???

After 6 years on the road, dragging my house behind me, it may be time for a change. This winter after moving in to the new trailer which is more comfortable and almost home like by comparison, I have thoughts of slowing down on the travel and get even more comfortable.

I am fortunate to have found this RV Park and the wonderful people here, I enjoy my work here and the town is not bad although I hate California...there may be an opportunity to have the best of both my worlds, stationary and travel and photography.

The owners of the park will be here this weekend and would like to talk to me about year round or should I say near year round...still may be able to leave for a month or so from time to time on some adventures, and then return to my more stationary home. I am not going to get into details right now, but there may be an opportunity for me to move to another site which had a park model in it with a storage shed, nice patio and some shade. Now that the swamp cooler is installed and keeping the trailer very comfortable even in this extreme heat, the climate is much more tolerable.

To properly tow this trailer I need a 3/4 ton truck with preferably a diesel engine and they ain't cheap and I really cannot afford a new car payment. However, I could find a nice small SUV and maybe a small tow behind for some shorter adventures and be more comfortable when just tooling around town and saving some money on gas and travel expenses..if I had a smaller vehicle there are a ton of short drive adventures within an easy days drive from right here... 

We shall see what the future holds - stay tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!