Sunday, December 3, 2017

Oasis Update - Lots of changes!

The past couple weeks have been busy here at the Park as I transition from my Summer duties to my winter duties and still keep moving forward on the Oasis.

Bought two bar stools that were listed as bar height, but still a little short for comfort at the bar, have two more on the way which are taller and will use these two at a outdoor Bistro Table for the patio.

I managed to acquire my own personal Golf Cart or at least what was left of one...the batteries were shot and had to push it home the first evening out, but as luck would have it, my next door neighbor bought 6 new ones for his cart and the ones he took out were way better than mine, so we swapped so he could return mine for the core charges...they should last me a while as long as I keep them charged when sitting in the driveway! Personal Note - next time when changing batteries which are very heavy wear old clothes - ruined a almost new T-shirt with battery acid holes and my new jeans are now a little more fashionable!

A good friend sent me a nice sign for the Oasis!

I took my Christmas Ham Bone and put it in the crock pot for some home made Navy Bean and Ham Soup...nice to have a counter to cook on!

A good friend brought a Kegerator he has had, and never used - bought it for $40.00 - Ice cold as soon as I plugged it in...

Now to order a keg and get the distributor out to set it up and clean the lines etc...

I am loving my new regular Dish hookup with a Hopper and a Joey for in the trailer - can record and watch a ton of shows and the new "Smart TV" gives me access to a ton of movies and sports...WiFi is also working really well.

Still Boycotting the NFL - But sure enjoying the college Ball...

All is well here in the Desert and great to have my winter friends arriving daily - should have the patio and furniture before the end of the month and a Grand Opening for the Oasis in early January! It should be a great place for me and my friends to relax in the evenings.

Stay Tuned for more winter fun!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oasis Update!

Gonna be a busy week at the Oasis and my new site...

Hope to get the trailer moved this week, maybe Tuesday. Have Mohave WiFi scheduled for Wednesday morning to install Internet Access and Dish TV Scheduled for Thursday for Sat TV...I have had Dish with a portable dish but wanted better service with more features so have the larger dish being installed on the shed - a Hopper for DVR Capabilities and then a Joey for the TV's in the RV. Plus the TV in the shed is a Smart TV so will have it hooked to wireless internet for ROKU, HULU etc...should be fun.

Already have the wireless Router installed for Media, and Oasis Guests - Free WiFi!!

The hatch for the Bar opening is now finished and works well and locks for night time security.

The "Bar" is level and the PBR Sign installed and my friends at Fans Sports Bar saved two huge bags of beer caps which will cover the bar and then covered with clear Epoxy...should be a fun project!

A gift from a friend is installed and functional - Can you guess what it is?

Today is clean-up the patio day and tomorrow spread some more gravel and level the site for the RV....then move and hookup the hard sewer line to the Trailer and of course get the WiFi operational and Dish on Wednesday and Thursday!

Anxious to get moved and then add some patio furniture and plants and get settled in my new spot!

Stay Tuned - Winter friends are arriving daily and all the winter activities crank up next week!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Oasis Update - down to the finishing touches!

Inside Paint is finished except for some touch up, after all is operational - will paint the outside and set up the patio!

Today will get a lock to secure the fold up bar hatch and some chains to hold it open.

Huge mess and waste to clean up outside!

5 foot counter for cooking and my own outdoor kitchen is ready for paint and cover.

Smart TV is mounted and ready for Dish to hook-up and WiFi!

Pendant Lights are wired and over the bar..

Wonderful sunset last evening...

The Friday evening campfires have been a hit!

Great shish Kabobs on the grill last Friday!

Stay tuned the season is just beginning!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Oasis Update - Moving forward

Made a fair amount of headway on the Oasis this week. Reframed the wall under the bar window and finished almost all the electric, only thing left is pendant lights over the bar after painting - wiring is in - just need to hang lights and wire them. Found a refridgerator on the local for sale site and need to pick that up in a few days before the people move. Also found a friend with a Kegerator for sale cheap, need to get that picked up as well. TV Mount is on the way and a new 32 inch Smart TV with WiFi...Dish is going to change out my account from the RV account to a regular dish with Hopper and a Joey for the RV. WiFi should be installed next week after painting is done. Have all the paint and supplies and lumber for the cook counter and bar hatch and bar top...will build after paint.

It will be nice having some counter space to cook from time to time - put the crock pot out there and I have a two burner hot plate, hot dog roller on the way...

Finally got the sink drain plumbing to line up and drain properly!

The man cave is almost complete and nice to see the end in sight - then to paint the outside and get the patio cleaned up and some patio furniture and bar stools - Grill moved over and some nice big potted plants. This spring may put up a Pergola over part of the patio!

Stay tuned paint this week!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and National Parks!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Oasis Under Construction

Have spent several days cleaning up my new site and de-constructing the shed as it gets coverted to "Cap's Oasis" water and electric into the shed and tore out all the old shelves and mess that was in there.

Today, I removed some inside paneling so I can run electric and make the large bar window in the patio side. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up some 2 X 4's and get the door installed and the bar window framed out and a few small electrical items squared away.

Took it easy most of the week, wrenched my back really bad tearing out some last weekend. Seems a little better today and the work and exercise did me good, we will see in the morning.

The Plan

The site cleaned up and gravel spread...sewer for the RV is fixed and ready to install with hard pipe rather than flex..

The sink is here and ready to install - waiting on one drain part.

Drain pipe is connected and ready to cut off and set up under sink the sink is going in the back corner.

Fresh water is stubbed in

The current window was for a swamp cooler and is too small for the "Bar"...the wall is stripped down and ready to reframe for the new size which will be 4 feet wide and 42" from the outside patio for 3 bar stools and a fold up hatch.

The Mess

Have the carpet for the floor and paint for the ceiling and walls - bar lights are here and luckily a buddy from Fans Sports Bar has a kegerator he wants to sell cheap - brand new - never used - HUGE SCORE!. Need a full sized fridge for the back wall, beside the sink will be a 4 foot counter for the hot dog roller, toaster oven, hot plate - for coney dogs and room for my crock pot and deep fryer for other cooking projects for pot lucks or special "Oasis Nights"!

Hopefully make some good headway tomorrow and get the trailer moved on Monday or Tuesday!

The solar lights are in and look great..Hummingbirds have found my new feeder!

Stay tuned for more progress over the next few weeks!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finally - New spot now open...time to get busy!

Well it has been a couple months now and finally got the old junk trailer jacked up and put the tires and wheels on and arranged to have it towed out of new spot needs some serious clean-up before I move.

The dead tree on the left side will get cut down and moved out of there on Monday, then I need to level out the site and remove some old plastic ground cover and junk...then bring in a load of gravel for under my trailer.

Then I will get my trailer moved in and start fixing up the patio and shed.

Finally Leaving!

The mess left behind!

Time to start soon on Cap's Oasis!

Need to do some serious measuring and make a plan!

By the way, the roses are starting to bloom...

Stay tuned - lots going on as I wait for my winter friends...

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Busy Summer and getting ready for Winter Crowd

The park is pretty slow right now - of course all the snowbirds are gone and even most of the year round people have headed off to cooler temperatures. We get three or four nightly's almost everyday, the base is busy so we have quite a few contractors and Marines and families, almost all the cottages are rented so that keeps us busy.

Had a group of local kids try and sneak into the pool about 12 of them, raising a ruckus, so we had to throw them out, the pool and facilities are for residents and guests only. They had a ball and were jumping around in the deep end and sadly did some damage to the drain covers. The day before we had just had the County inspector for the pool and all the food and drink coolers checked and we got a perfect rating, they tested the water and cooler temps, hot tub temp and did a water check, so we were pretty happy.

The same day we sent the kids packin, another pool inspector came by about half an hour after we got rid of the kids and lo and behold the inspector discovered the broken pool drain covers and red flagged the pool. We called our pool service and he came out and tried to fix the covers but they were cracked and the bolts were broken off in the pool bottom, so he needed to drill out the broken screws and tap the holes for the new covers. For some unknown reason he refused to use an electric drill in the pool???

So that evening we drained the pool - huge expense and a ton of water.

Pool Draining at night.

The next morning first thing we replaced all three drain covers and really cleaned the pool bottom...

We called the inspectors and they came right out and allowed us to open the pool as soon as we had water back in it, which took most of 2 days...

So things have been busy at the on to my plan, spent some time down at my new site and took some pictures and started planning for some modifications...can't wait to have some shade and wind protection and a nice comfortable patio.

This is the site - the old trailer on the right is prepped to move out!

Storage shed - Man Cave...what you see!

Cap's Oasis - what I see...

Hope to get that old trailer out of here this month - then start to clean up the area and get my trailer moved then get started on fixing up the patio and shed - should be a fun transition. Get the electric squared away and a small A/C unit installed, floor, wall paneling, new door, bar window, kill the weeds, patio furniture, potted plants, get the Camp Chef Grill in place...who knows maybe a big screen TV, recliner inside and a kegerator!

Cap's Oasis will be born and grow during the winter!

Stay tuned - once the trailer is moved will sell the truck and find a nice smaller SUV to be mobile again, but for this year the adventure is building my Oasis!

Forgot we are still having some amazing sunsets!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!