Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Yes bay View - This was taken last year and I am anxiously awaiting my departure in a few weeks to be back "Home" in Alaska.

All the guides are hired and the rest of the crew. They all have their reservations and are looking forward to a great season of fishing with our guests for 2010, both new and returning!

If you haven't finalized your plans to visit Yes Bay this season, call the office and make your reservations soon as we are nearly filled, although there are still prime dates available for small groups of 2 or 4!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at the Bay for 2010!!

Capt Jim

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Video - Tarpon on Fly with broken Fly Rod

A good friend of mine, Captain Dave Dant shot a pretty neat video of a tarpon on fly, big fish and while fighting the fish the fly rod broke...BTW - Capt Dave is one of the best guides in the Tampa Bay area and specializes in sight fishing for tarpon, snook, redfish and trout.

Pretty neat, go to his blog or web site and check it out, I just got the videos posted online...

Blog: http://sightfishtarpon.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.sightfishtarpon.com/CDDTarponVideo.htm


Capt Jim

Friday, April 9, 2010

Take A Kid Fishing!

This was written for the York Dispatch by a very good friend of mine and former fishing guide at Yes bay Lodge, Andy ( Whiplash) Snyder!

Get a kid hooked on fishing

COLUMN By ANDY SNYDER For The York Dispatch
Updated: 04/09/2010 07:00:40 AM EDT

Preparing for a child is a daunting endeavor.

Not only do I have to worry about the "normal" things, such as clothes, food and college education, but as any angling and hunting nut does, I have to contemplate things such as making sure my tackle bag has enough room for some spare diapers and whether I'll need a two-man deer stand this season or next.

With a couple of months to go before I hear those first intimidating, yet invigorating screams of my first child, I must admit I was a bit jealous this past weekend. As I walked the banks of the area's streams in search of trout, my eye was drawn to something else, those brightly colored children's fishing rods bearing characters such as SpongeBob, Snoopy and Barbie. I was a tad jealous -- not of the rods, but of the opportunity to take a kid fishing. Sharing in a first fish, a first deer or even a first cast are all memories I look forward to making over the next, well, lifetime.

Seeing so many fathers and mothers helping their sons and daughters search for trout this past weekend reminds me of a line I've heard a lot as I read all of the obligatory books and attended all of those repetitive parenting classes in anticipation of a little one. It says: "Children don't need your presents. They need your presence."

What could be a better reason to introduce them to the outdoors? Instead of plopping your kids in front of a TV set and letting some violent cartoon raise them, take the time to show them what lies outside.

Chances are it will become a lifetime activity that you can enjoy as a family for years, perhaps even generations.
What if you don't know how to fish or don't know much about the outdoors? No problem. It takes about as much skill to catch a fish or take a hike as it does to fire up a computer game.

Even if you still don't think you have what it takes to get the job done, there are plenty of outdoor-oriented camps coming up. Invest in a week of on-the-job training and you'll surely create a fan of the outdoors.

If you want to take a kid fishing this spring, here are a few pointers to get you started. First, keep things simple. All you need is a cheap rod, a can of worms and a few hooks and weights. Next, let them do the work. It may be a little more frustrating for you, but it will be a lot more enjoyable for them when they get to feel that first addictive nibble. Finally, keep it fun. Don't let the pressure of catching a fish overburden the joy of sharing time together. Some of my best memories on the water don't involve fish.

Getting ready for a third seat at my kitchen table is a scary notion, but knowing that I'll soon have a live-in fishing partner more than makes up for it. I just hope I can find a pair of waders that small.

Andy Snyder writes about the outdoors for The York Dispatch. He can be reached at sports@yorkdispatch.com. Read his blog, "The Outdoors Insider," at the Blogzone at yorkdispatch.com.


Captain Jim

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hard to believe we are only about 10 weeks away from Lodge opening! I am busy getting ready for my annual trip North and I am anxious to get going. I went to the Post Office today and shipped two large boxes of my things up to Alaska, with the airlines charging so much for luggage and especially extra bags, it is easier and less expensive to let the post office do the lugging!!

This past week I have been busy confirming all the information for the new guides, we look to have a great crew for 2010, with a bunch of returning guides and lodge crew, so it should be a smooth opening and an easy training week!

I am very anxious to get back fishing in Alaska...as cold as Florida was this winter, in some ways I felt like I never left, ironically there were several days when it was warmer in Alaska than here in St Petersburg! Must be that global warming thing people have been talking about!

If you haven't made your plans to come to the Lodge this year, now is the time. There is still a little space for small groups in some prime times, so give Kris a call and make your plans now!!

I hope to see you up there and look forward to fishing with all our customers for 2010!!

Captain Jim Lucas
Head Guide - Yes Bay Lodge


Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Guide for 2010 Season!

Well, I had all the guides set for this season and then wouldn't you know it we had a drop out. At least it was for a good reason. Captain Greg Wickline had taken a job running a supply boat to Haiti for the relief effort and decided he wanted to continue with his efforts, so he sent me an email that he was going to have to decline our offer for a job.

No Problem - I had 3 Captains on standby - one good seasoned veteran fisherman who accepted right away then called the very next day saying he just fell off of a ladder and was going to have to have shoulder surgery, so he was out for this year...No Problem - Call Number 2 on standby, he is excited, accepts the position, then sends an email the very next day saying he decided to accept a regular full time management job, better for his career!

No Problem - Contacted Number 3 and BINGO - So far so good, it has now been two days and he is still on board, even sent pictures so I think we have finally rounded out our 2010 Guide Staff.

So let me introduce Captain Greg Walters.

Greg was born in Sitka Alaska and has fished his entire life, even at a another Lodge in SE Alaska, so he comes with experience. He has also spent quite a few years on large Yachts all over the world.

I think all this mess has helped us through fate, get a really good member for our guide staff!

Only a couple months and the 2010 crew will be heading to Alaska and setting up for your visit, we look forward to a wonderful season.

Oh and for all you "Cookie Monsters" out there, heard the best news today we have a returning crew member from year before last - Janna - so we can look forward to some wonderful cookies to munch on while we are out fishing.

I am really happy to hear she will be joining us as part of the kitchen crew this year!

Can't wait to get fishing again!!

Captain Jim