Monday, September 3, 2018

Blog Update - Oasis Trellis

The long 16 foot 2 X 6's finally arrived over the weekend and were delivered so today I started to get the trellis up at the Oasis. The plan is to create a 12 foot X 12 foot square of shade with the combination of the trellis and an outdoor shade cloth which is designed to cut 95% of the light and heat, we shall see how it works out. I also have an outdoor ceiling fan for the middle...

First a pretty picture...

The beginning of the trellis - still need to add 5 more cross members...but the hard part is up!

Sun Shade fabric

Ceiling Fan Light kit..

A little dessert from yesterday - they won't last long...

Hopefully the additional 2 X 4 12 foot cross members will be delivered this week before I leave for Ohio next Tuesday and I can finish the wood part of the trellis then paint when I get back and put up the solar shade and fan.

More later - still having fun!

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