Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Yes Bay Lodge ONCE MORE!!


I was invited By Kevin Hack to return to Yes Bay Lodge as a guest two years ago and with the Covid the Lodge did not open last year so the reservation was advanced to this year and last Friday the 23rd of July my good friend from Montana, Jim Flinchbaugh and I got on several planes and made our way to Ketchikan, Alaska then boarded a floatplane for the trip out to the Lodge. We had a small weather issue, the Lodge had a large group arriving at the same time and the plan was for me and Jim to ride along with all the luggage on a boat to the Lodge, however it was too rough for the boat to come in so the plane had to make multiple trips, Jim and I hung out at the new office and helped organize luggage then he and I flew out last with some luggage then the plane made one more luggage only trip, we got out to the Lodge about 3 pm local time, got fishing licenses, met our guide and in plenty of time for wonderful appetizers at the bar. By the way - hard enough for me to get to Alaska without lugging all my camera gear so took the small pocket Sony, pretty sure I have enough pics with the large camera....

Soon it was dinner time and lo and behold it was one of my favorites - Dynamite Halibut, rice and roasted vegetables!

It was wonderful and we met the new chef Gabe Guettich, who happens to be the Grandson of a long time guide at Yes Bay Lodge - Jim Bernard (Slice) for those who remember.

A few stories at the bar and the long travel day was over...

I neglected to get our first days dock picture but it was a very productive day - we got our limit of 12 salmon, limit of silver grey rock fish (2), the halibut eluded us!!

Day two we focused on halibut ALL Day and managed two small ones and our rock fish a pacific Cod and a salmon, and a few small Kings which had to be released, we also lost a real nice Silver Salmon right at the boat!!

Our second evening dinner was just as delicious as our first We had a tender filet mignon - Our third evening we had Ling Cod and it was so tender and moist a perfect meal!!

The weather cooperated very nicely, of course there was rain, welcome to the Southeast Alaska Rain Forest, but the wind stayed down and we had perfect fishing weather.

Our third and last day of fishing was a huge repeat of the first day - quickly got our limit of pink salmon and a couple nice Coho (Silver Salmon), our rock fish then spent the afternoon searching in vain for the larger halibut - we managed another small one...Our last evening dinner was White King Salmon, so we had the full Alaska assortment of food and Gabe did a wonderful job!

Long travel day yesterday and a wonderful 4 hour wait in Seattle that POS town waiting for our flight to Kalispell, got back in Kalispell at about mid-night, then off to bed!

A wonderful perfect return to Yes Bay Lodge, it was fantastic to make one more trip up to my all time favorite spot in the world!! Good Fishing, Great Friends, Superb Food!!

Thanks to the entire crew for making my return visit another memorable time at Yes Bay Lodge, the BEST Fishing Lodge in Alaska!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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