Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Oasis - New Furniture

Furniture Upgrade at the Oasis...

I was not terribly happy with the original furniture I purchased for the Oasis and by chance found some different furniture, although more expensive of course but I like it much better and hopefully will hold up well in the desert sun.

I also found the perfect sign!

You will note it was 6:40 in the evening and still over 90 degrees, but quite comfortable under the ceiling fan and solar shield trellis!

The perfect spot to spend the evening watching some hockey and enjoying a cold PBR!

I got a new tall bar height table and two chairs - two more on the way!

Wanted to make sure I was happy with them before ordering more!

I also ordered six regular height chairs to match!

Surprisingly these are very reasonably priced at Home Depot and they deliver - $39.96 for two, which is under $20.00 a chair!

I have ordered two more of the tall chairs, they are comfortable and match the other chairs and will work at the table or at the bar!

LINKS - Several people have requested links to the items I purchased...

Table and chairs - Amazon!

Chairs - Home Depot

Stay tuned - I have a wonderful prime Rib Roast in the freezer calling my name and will very soon be a wonderful dinner on the patio!

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