Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer Update and Maintenance

Well it is hot here in the desert and the humidity has arrived a little early this year, which makes it a little more miserable. Not much going on outside on the oasis - but have plenty ready to go when the weather breaks - ordered the wood for the trellis, an outdoor waterproof ceiling fan and a 12 ft X 12 Ft solar shield which will be on top of the trellis to create some shade...should be when I start construction.

So the latest challenge (thankfully inside) - I go to get a clean T-shirt out of the closet to take to the shower and discover that the hanging fixture has released from the ceiling of the closet and all my shirts were in a clump!

All fixed now three new screws into the ceiling and then everything rehung...always something. The other day the pump in the swamp cooler died and had to go get a new one and clean out the cooler and install - that was outside and hot to work on...but only took about 30 minutes so I survived.


My original plan was to find a small car and drive back to Ohio via Salt Lake and Montana, but the car I found and liked did not pass the mechanic test, so I bailed on the deal and decided to buy an airline ticket. I arrive Ohio on Sept 11 and depart on Oct 2 right after the reunion, so almost a month there to see family and friends.

I am looking forward to it...

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