Sunday, July 26, 2020

Cleaning Day at New Place

Spent this afternoon over at 11 doing some cleaning and assembling some end tables and a floor lamp that arrived. This past week or so the TV has been installed and the shower doors removed and a new shower rod installed today I hung the curtain, a new hot water heater has been installed and the swamp coolers cleaned and serviced.

Things are starting to come together - Got a sign it was time last evening when I plopped down in my recliner for the night and the one side of the back broke so a little lopsided now, hopefully the new recliner will be here in a day or two and I can start sleeping in the new place, so kitchen and food will be moved first, bathroom stuff, some current summer clothes and a few other things to survive until the weather breaks then I will start to really empty the shed and trailer.

Nice side porch where my Oasis Furniture will go - hope to add a porch roof this fall!!

New Shower Curtain Rod installed!

Curtain up!

TV Mounted now to call Dish & Spectrum and compare!

Carpet Vacuumed!!

Nice Dining Room Set - 4 guests max unless 4 outside on porch!

New Floor Lamp

Great Swamp Cooler - today 108 - inside was 78

End Tables assembled!

Stove cleaned and propane on!

Great Big Microwave - brand new!

Cleaned and ready to cook!

Freezer cleaned

Fridge cleaned ready for some PBR!

I have a small Love seat ordered and a new recliner, once those are here I will be spending more time here and gradually moving more and more over to the new place - hope to have the old trailer cleaned out and gone before Thanksgiving or at least Christmas. Much easier to work when it is not 110 degrees out, so when the weather breaks I will start cleaning out the old place in earnest.

Stay tuned for more details...

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