Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Halibut Regulations!

We got some great news today - the IPHC - International Pacific Halibut Commission voted today to endorse and accept the recommendations for new halibut regulations for area 2-C - which is the area where Yes Bay is located...

The new rules are what is known as a reverse slot limit. Anglers are allowed one fish per day which may be:

1. Under 45 inches ( this is about a 43 pound halibut


2. Over 68 inches (this will be about a 163 pounder!)

So the trophy halibut is back!! And even the smaller halibut is a big increase over what was allowed last year! It is a win / win!

So plan on catching some big butts again this year! I know all the guides are looking forward to the challenge!!


Capt Jim

Friday, January 20, 2012

6 Hours for nothing! Road Trip from Hell!

Mans best laid plans get changed due to major weather system! I awoke yesterday bright and early with plans to drive from where I am staying in Oregon to have the hitch installed in the truck and pick up my 5th wheel in Tacoma. From where I am it is a 2.5 hour drive, so I left before it was light in rain and headed North.

Just past Portland I was listening to the radio and they were talking about traffic nightmares in Seattle due to heavy snow and now freezing rain on top of that, but like a teenager with his first slip of the hand inside a blouse, I was determined to press on and reach my goal!

The further North I got the worse the roads were, by the time I exited the freeway it was down to one passable lane must not have snow plows in Seattle since most of the roads had not been plowed. The roads after exiting were even worse....the slush and snow was freezing solid with a coat of freezing rain and without 4 wheel drive you were doomed. Made it to the trailer place only to discover that their electric was off and no employees made it in to work...

Left frustrated and drove back South on the way there is a huge Cabelas Store, so it was a worthy stop to walk around and find a couple things for the camper and had lunch on their little restaurant.

Then back down in Oregon - with today planned to wait until Monday and then head back up and get my goal accomplished.

May leave tomorrow and head over to Tillamook and see Kicker! Then drive up Monday and install the hitch, then drive over to Puyallup for the Show which opens on Wednesday the 25th - hook up with Nicky and Ryan on Tuesday and get the booth set up!

If you are in the area, stop by the booth!

Capt Jim

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Delay!

I find it amazing that I can drive across the entire United States, well over 4000 miles with little or no weather issues and get near my new home and get snowed in, this is an area that does not see many winter snow it is a little frustrating waiting until tomorrow to go pick up my trailer, it was postponed today since the weather has pretty much shut down Tacoma / Seattle area!

But finding some things to do and here are some pictures:

I watched some football on Sunday, not sure Rob watched the whole game!!

This morning after the snow stopped, it started raining and melting!

This morning Rob worked on some flies for next season at Yes Bay!

So, Laundry today and relax and drive back up to Tacoma tomorrow and get the hitch installed and drive back with my trailer, then spend Friday getting things moved in and the trailer warmed up and dry from sitting all winter. New heater already bought and ready to plug in...


Capt Jim

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Downsizing to fit in a Tiny House!

What is the hardest part of moving into a tiny house, well after living in homes that ranged from my first apartment over 40 years ago with 1200 square feet to huge home over 4000 square feet you tend to collect too much stuff! Over the past few years I have been gradually reducing my stuff to only what I need, but it is still hard to part with some things and this last little escapade of reducing my load finally ended up with a pick-up truck load and probably still too much stuff for my new little home!!

We will see later this week as I work to load the trailer and get things stowed away for tiny house living!

You want to see what the truck looked like for the trip with everything I own packed in the pick-up...

Here are a few pictures:


Capt Jim

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tacoma - New Home Today

Well - I left SLC yesterday and made an overnight drive to Tacoma, arriving middle of the night, now drinking a coffee in Micky D's and logged onto WiFi - Isn't technology amazing....

This shot was yesterday evening in Idaho...

I am heading to the trailer place today - raining of course in hopes to get moved in, hopefully they can accommodate the hitch installation today or at the latest Monday! Will let you know more on that later today...

Moving pictures and pics of the "Load" later has been a long trip and I can't wait to get settled.

More Later,

Capt Jim

Friday, January 13, 2012

Adventure Continues - Leave Salt Lake City today!

It looks like a weather front is on the way and scheduled to cross the mountains between me and my new home on Sunday, so I am leaving Salt Lake City today after a great time with friends.

Amazing time here in Salt Lake, stayed with a guy I used to work with about 20 plus years ago, we are still good friends and we have had a great time reliving our old work adventures and conversations about some of the idiots we used to work with and for...

Last night I visited with another ex-coworker and his family a family I was pretty close to when I lived here in Salt Lake from 1988 to 1994. They were familiar with Godzilla and so there were some discussions regarding that whole ordeal and of course work and what is going on with our lives at the present.

Good food, good friends, great conversation...a fun time was had by all!

By Monday I should be looking at my new home and my whole new mobile lifestyle, I am getting excited for the adventure to change course!

Pictures when I have time and get there!!


Capt Jim

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moab, Utah

Spent the good morning light in Arches National Park and managed to capture a few good shots, after lunch I headed to Dead Horse Point State Park and found a few there. I will be spending more time here this winter once I am in the 5th wheel!!

This first shot is from on the road in Kansas...

Now Arches

On the way to Dead Horse Point

Just part of the view from Dead Horse Point - it is amazing!!

This is my favorite shot of the day...


Capt Jim

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Denver and Points West!

After a nice dinner and a good nights sleep on the outskirts of Denver, I planned to get up and head to the Sportsman Show to see the boss and the Yes Bay Lodge booth. Found the show downtown, got a parking spot and headed in to visit.

Found the booth, visited with Nicky and Ryan and watched Pappa Hack on crutches with his broken ankle, hobbling around the booth! Big crowd and we'll see how the bookings happen, but lots of activity.

Yes they were working:

Wanted to beat some predicted bad weather and get into Utah by nightfall, I left downtown Denver at about 1:00 pm. Of course Pappa Hack suggested heading North to Rt 80, but I was bound and determined to see the wonderful sights of the rockies and also head to Moab Utah for some picture taking on Sunday.

One quick stop at Wal-Mart to replace the "lost GPS", see previous post! As I left Wal-Mart on the west side of Denver there was a few flakes of snow falling, not to worry weather report said late afternoon evening snow storm. I was certain I was ahead of any bad weather...

Up the hill and the snow just kept getting worse and worse, accumulation of about 1/2 foot and hour with near white-out conditions, and of course inexperienced winter drivers everywhere, generally in front of me! It was not real slick but some of the trucks were having a hard time on the steeper grades, most were pulling over to chain up as the warning lights were blinking. Well top speed was about 25 MPH most of the way. I stayed in 2 wheel drive over the top with no issues, but stopped in SilverThorne for some lunch and slipped it in 4 wheel high and headed down the other side...interesting driving nearly all the way to Grand Junction.

Top of the hill:

One particular area Glenwood Canyon was interesting. For a long time I was following during the harder part of the climb a Volvo with what looked to be a very inexperienced snow driver...he was having a hard time and would occassionally run off the right side of the road onto the berm, I thought looking for traction, but now I am not sure....well I grew tired of watching in near terror as this moron struggled along and pulled in to a rest area to stretch my legs and hit the head.

As we entered the top of Glenwood Canyon it got slick and a little icy with some snow built up in the middle and sides of the road, not an issue if you stayed in the wheel tracks...but when passing it was a little unnerving making the lane change. All the while I was having no issues, truck was doing fine, 4 wheel drive was working well. Plus the truck was loaded down so light rear end was not an issue.

While driving down Glenwood Canyon in the curves I kept noticing tracks which would suddenly veer off the road and scrapes along the guardrail. I noticed this numerous times and even a couple times in the center of the road with fresh scrape marks on the median divider. I thought to myself, somebody is having a really bad day.

At the end of Glenwood Canyon near the hot springs was another rest area and I decided to take another break, the highway was only wet at this point and I expected to be able to make much better time from here on to Moab.

Lo and Behold there was the beloved Volvo with both sides totally smashed in, huge scrape marks and dents down both sides, this was obviously the car I had been following earlier and by the looks of the car the one who had been playing tag with the guardrails down the canyon.

Not being shy and always looking for an opportunity to relish in someone else's misery, I had to wait and see who came out of the rest room and claimed what was left of this Volvo...BTW - it was a nearly new car when I first saw it.

So after a few minutes, this young couple approach the car. She is raising hell with her spouse and it looks like a war is brewing and when she sees the car again the sparks really begin to fly. I decided that a conversation with these people was not a good idea...and had it not been dark at this point in time, I would have snapped a couple photos, because it was a true Kodak Moment.

The rest of the journey to Moab was uneventful and quite pleasant. I arrived at about 8:30 pm, hotel, good cocktail and a decent steak!!

Who could ask for more...

Spent this morning in Arches National Park and the weather is fantastic, cool and very clear bright blue skies...the red-rock is shining...will post a couple pics tomorrow, I think maybe I got a couple good ones...

Lunch is over, now heading to Salt Lake day tomorrow and will spend a day or two in Salt Lake with friends...

Capt Jim


I left Ohio after some projects to complete in the morning about 1:00 pm, drove through most of the night, a brief in car doze from about 2:00 am until 4:00 am, then kept heading west!!

Made great time with very nice driving weather...somewhere along the way as I was nearing Colorado...I made mistake number 5863 in my life...seeing a sign along the highway advertising the wondrous sights of Boot Hill and Dodge City...I could not resist, feeling the old Gunsmoke days relived was just what the doctor ordered for boring Kansas...

Rest area - programmed the GPS to include a side venture to Boot Hill, GPS seemed to understand my needs, so off I went.

Now we have all heard stories of people who were mis-lead by their GPS, using one on boats for years I always had a hard time comprehending how this could happen, well lo and behold, I was about to find out...

Having looked at a map I had a general idea how to get to Boot Hill and Dodge City, so far the GPS had me going in the right direction, but somewhere along the way it had a whole new interpretation of my request. While cruising on a nice paved 2 lane road, all of a sudden it showed a left turn...with 4 miles to my destination, so never one to doubt technology, I turned left, onto what can only be described as a farm road, one wide lane wide and dirt, recently graded and so off I went, a couple turns later in literally the middle of nowhere, the GPS proudly announced "You have Arrived"!!

I looked around and there was no hill and for damn sure no boots...argued with the GPS for a few minutes, it seemed to lock up...and rightfully so! Obviously it did not have a clue where it was!!

Always a believer in redundant systems and accepting the failure of technology, I pulled out my trusty hand held GPS, it beeped and whirred for a minute or two and seemed to understand my predicament. Quickly showing a nice two lane road right into Dodge City about 12 miles away on my continued dirt farm off I went.

40 minutes later I arrived in disappointing Dodge City, paid $9.00 to walk through the old town later when I get them processed.

Ate a late lunch and hit the road towards Denver...after my little 150 mile detour.

Arrived Denver on Friday night about 10:30 pm a little more than 28 hours after departing Ohio!! Hotel for some needed sleep and a good meal...

More on Saturdays adventure when I finish my lunch, I am eating at a wonderful little local joint in Moab Utah. It is Sunday at about 1:30 local time.

Here is Dodge City:

Capt Jim

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preparing to leave tomorrow!

Truck work today - this winter shit is a PIA!! Taking the truck to get radiator flushed and new anti-freeze, something we didn't worry about in sunny Florida...then pack the truck this afternoon and I am off in the morning.

Perfect timing the car overheated - frozen as I pulled into the GoodYear store - they drained and re-charged the radiator and everything is ready for tomorrows departure.

Good weather forecast for the entire trip - in fact it will be in the 60's across Kansas and into Colorado. Should be a nice sunny drive with clear skies following the cold front that just went through...

More details as the trip progresses.

Capt Jim

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 5th - All Points West!!

Well, my adventure cross country starts on Thursday, according to the weather reports I should have clear sailing...front is coming through Ohio now and after it settles down today and tomorrow, I will be Westward HO. Right now plans call for heading South from Green, Ohio to I-70 then West through St Louis and on to Denver, weather permitting I will continue on I-70 on into Utah, then North on I-15 to Salt Lake, take a rest there with friends for a day or so, then I-15 North to I-84 and on into Washington State.

Laundry and get ready today - a little truck work...then load the truck tomorrow and head out on Thursday morning.

Went picture taking yesterday and found a few shots...plan on posting more in my travels over the next 10 days or so...stay tuned.

I'll keep this updated over the next few days!!

Capt Jim