Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finally - New spot now open...time to get busy!

Well it has been a couple months now and finally got the old junk trailer jacked up and put the tires and wheels on and arranged to have it towed out of new spot needs some serious clean-up before I move.

The dead tree on the left side will get cut down and moved out of there on Monday, then I need to level out the site and remove some old plastic ground cover and junk...then bring in a load of gravel for under my trailer.

Then I will get my trailer moved in and start fixing up the patio and shed.

Finally Leaving!

The mess left behind!

Time to start soon on Cap's Oasis!

Need to do some serious measuring and make a plan!

By the way, the roses are starting to bloom...

Stay tuned - lots going on as I wait for my winter friends...

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