Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Oasis Update - Sept 2019

Due to the heat and summer weather, I have been hiding indoors and have been neglecting the forward progress of the Oasis. The new furniture I purchased was stored and this past week I finally spent some time and put it together. I also found some really interesting solar flower lights and tried a few out, then ordered more to fill my flower pots which yielded one weed all summer, even though I had bought wild flower seeds and watered and nurtured dirt and rocks all summer...these look nice right out of the box!

I bought two more bar height swivel chairs for my new table.

I now have 5 of these regular sling chairs...

The patio looks nice when lit up at night...

The flowers are an interesting addition and look better than the empty pots...

Love my Oasis Bar sign!

I am getting ready to take a little time off, and with a little luck head north to Salt Lake City, Beaverhead River in Dillon, MT and on up to Kalispell to get the Mitsubishi registered and a visit with Jimbo...leave on October 2 and return in about 2-3 weeks.

By the time I return some of my winter friends will be arriving and the Oasis will be getting put to use!

Stay Tuned!

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