Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31st - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

A little anxiety this morning for a guest leaving as we had some pretty dense fog early this morning, but the plane overnighted and so only had to water taxi out the Bay to find clearer skies into to town, it was clear there, just fog in and around Yes Bay with a much higher ceiling out front and into town...but foggy morning means calm waters and for the most part a sunny morning after the fog burned off and continuing calm winds all day with no rain...and better fishing, we had to travel a little further but we found some nice silvers and most boats brought some in...

Here are today's pictures:

A marvelous day at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!!

Capt Jim

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Some good news, some bad news and some GREAT news...

First the good news - Perfect weather day today with almost no rain and very light winds, nice and calm all day. We had some pretty dense fog around the Lodge this morning, but it cleared later in the morning.

Bad News - Slow salmon day - a long time between a few bites.

The Great News - The Silvers are only about 15 miles away and we should see them very was blasting today from some boats close by (within radio range) and they were into silvers big we could see more fish tomorrow and even more in the following days...

Still some real nice fish caught today and a good time was had by all!!

Here are the pictures:

And Thanks to NOAA and our federal government several nice sized halibut were released today...

A Great day at Yes Bay...

Capt Jim

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Well the weather was rainy today most of the day, although the wind stayed down, it was still a little lumpy out at times, mainly due to the tide, but very fishable and for a change the salmon were biting. Not fast and furious mind you, but if you stuck with it some decent fish were biting. Some very nice sized Chum salmon, some pinks and some nice silvers were mixed in the bunch. My boat even managed to land a sockeye, which is rare when fishing in the open water, since they primarily feed on jellyfish and plankton and not bait, but every once in awhile one will hit. It was a very nice fish...

So some pictures from today...

The first is what the view out the bay looked like during one of the many squalls that passed by!

Now the fish pics...

Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Another tough day of fishing today with a very slow salmon least a couple halibut hit the dock and some nice salmon just not many, but we did put a nice King on the dock again today...

Lots of pics and many people departing tomorrow...

Here they are:

Oh and by the way - the weather was rainy most of the day with some clearing in the afternoon, but the winds stayed down which made fishing pretty comfortable, especially later in the day...

A Great day at Yes Bay

Capt Jim

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

You could not have asked for a better weather day - light rain in the morning, some rain fog then it cleared up and the sun was out and it was flat calm....a wonderful day on the water...but SLOW fishing for sure...most boats headed in for lunch with very few salmon and a few rock fish...the afternoon was also slow for salmon but a few were caught, but a ton of rock fish hit the dock and one nice halibut.

Lots of pictures so stay tuned:

Mission accomplished - Tom got his yellow eye today - Will got his yesterday so all is well...I have boat pics that failed to upload - will update this tomorrow.

Here are the updated in-boat pictures of Tom's Yellow Eye and their enjoyment together!


Now on with the rest of the pictures...

Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

The weather was pretty good today with some light rain and rain fog in the morning and calm winds, the afternoon turned more sunny and dry and very light winds, so it was calm and nice...the fish were a little less cooperative today, salmon bite was slow and spotty and the halibut bite was non-existent....I know because we tried several spots for a few hours and not one halibut a few nice rock fish, but that was it for bottom fish!

On with the pictures - and there are a bunch today!!

Two of our favorite fisherman were on the Bat Boat this afternoon doing some bottom fishing after the elusive Yellow eye - needless to say Batman put them on the spot and they hooked it and reeled it up from way down there near 500 feet!!

A Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim