Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Yes Bay Video - Test

Here is our new video with footage from 2011 Season!!

Another great job by Otter!!



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Cookbook is available!

After Months and months of work - Nicky and I have finally completed the 35th Anniversary Yes Bay Lodge cookbook. It contains many great recipes that Nicky prepares at the Lodge every year and some old family favorites.

It is available through Blurb online for sale for $19.95. Order yours today!!

Give it a minute to load and you can actually preview the book right here!

Make sure you order your copy by following the link above.

Capt Jim

Friday, September 23, 2011

Season 2011 Ends September 22nd!

Yes Bay Lodge closed officially for the end of the 2011 season with our last guests departing on Thursday September 22nd. All crew was gone from the Lodge before noon with severe winds and weather predicted for later in the day it was a good time to go in the calm before the storm.

The last 2 days of fishing was really no fishing due to really high winds and a ton of rain, so the guests decided it was better to hang out around the lodge and do a little hiking up the river.

Season 2012 is in the works with reservations being accepted, the office in Ketchikan is open and ready for planning next season!

Great Pricing and a special discount is available for early payment. Look for specials to be announced very soon.

Capt Jim

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Well this pretty much sums it up...looks like winter is arriving early!

Knudson Cove Marina - Ketchikan, Alaska

Weather was too bad in town to fly in, so I took some guests for a thrilling ride into to town to catch their was a roller coaster for sure! But they made it on time and all was well...

Three boats went out this morning and tried to fish in this terrible weather, they decided a hike up the trail behind the Lodge was a better activity for this afternoon.

Anyway 1 boat caught a nice silver, in that mess out there today!!

Here is today's picture:

Always a Great Day at Yes Bay! (Even in bad weather)

We have a wonderful fireplace and a great view!

Capt Jim

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

The weather Gods are NOT cooperating but the fishing Gods are doing better, some nice silvers hit the dock today along with a nice assortment of bottom fish...

Here are the pictures from today!

Look at those nice Yellow Eye Snapper!

Some nice Sea Bass and Rock Fish!

Great Day at Yes Bay!

Capt Jim

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

OK - Who made the weather Gods mad??? It was a bad day today weather wise with hard driving rain, strong 25 to 35 MPH winds and of course some rough water which made it tough to fish and it got worse as the day went on...most boats not out after lunch and my boat the only one who stayed out for lunch bagged it around 2:00 pm - took our lumps on a real rough ride in and called it a day...but the fish Gods continued to shine on us as there were a nice batch of silvers brought in at lunch time and after.

Here are the pictures:

A few of the pictures a little blurry - blame dock girl even though it is nearly the end of the season she has yet to figure out that the camera lens needs to stay out of the rain!!

Hoping for better weather tomorrow - but it is September!

Great Day at The Bay!!

Capt Jim

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Weather cooperated today, actually a very nice day, little warmer than yesterday with less rain and some decent silvers showed up...not fast and furious, but way better than it has been for the past couple weeks...bad weather predicted for tonight and tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Only three boats fishing today and one boat abstained from pics...

So here we are:

A Great day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Weather Gods cooperated again today - nice calm winds for most of the day a little tide chop in the middle of the day and light rain most of the day made it a decent day in SE Alaska...Fish Gods weren't as cooperative, the fish are around but not biting, but if you stick at it long enough you will land some fish, it is just real slow going and can be a long time between legitimate bites, plenty of small shakers to keep you busy and steal bait.

Only a couple pictures today - only had three boats fishing...

Hoping for more silvers to bite tomorrow - but always a good day at Yes Bay!

Capt Jim

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Wouldn't you know it...some fish started biting as I drove my best buddy to town to catch a flight back to Florida...

The weather Gods cooperated today with a beautiful sunny and warm day with a slight breeze from the west which made for a little lumpy ride in but calm area to fish for the most part and some fish were biting for those who stuck with it...a couple boats weren't quite as lucky, but at least some fish were caught...the outlook all of a sudden looks much better.

Here are today's pictures with one boat abstaining...

A nice selection of silvers, bright Chum and yes that is a nice King in the middle!

Slice's last guiding day today for the season, with his family and like yesterday they slayed some fish, including a bunch of nice rock fish! They know good eating fish!

A Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

It is definitely a fishing report and NOT a catching report was a slow, very slow salmon bite today...

I was pressed in to service to drive 6 people to the airport this morning so my best friend and customer was relegated to fish with Batman this morning...and they got skunked, as well as all the other boats...but Batman and I decided that it must NOT be the genuine Alaska Fishing Guide - it had to be the boy from Florida that could not attract a fish!! It had to be!!

But Lo and Behold my friend Tommy and I fished in the afternoon and we managed one nice silver that is of the three that were caught today, but the guides worked hard and put together a nice selection of big yellow eyes and some nice rock fish to make the day...

Here are the pictures:

Here we are with our nice silver...

BTW - I have it from a good source that Slice slept most of the day while the boys fished!!

A fun day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

The weather Gods were good to us today and the Fish Gods began to cooperate for some, in fact most boats had a good selection of fish today with some nice big silvers beginning to show up...

Here are the pictures:

A great Day of fishing at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

The weather Gods continued to cooperate but on my boat at least the fish gods were not friend up from Florida and we caught and released a few fish, but we struck out on any silvers today...hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Fish hit the dock including a huge Sea Bass - Lantern Jaw at 9.1 pounds...and a nice King!

Here are the pictures:

Huge Sea bass with Snapper Al!

Another fine day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

September 11th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

First some time to remember 9-11-01....

The weather Gods continued to cooperate and the fish Gods did a little better for a few boats with some others not doing so well. But a couple Kings and some silvers hit the dock....

Sorry for the delay in posting - New guest arrived which required my attention last night...

Here are the pictures:

Nice King!

Nice big King!

A Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim