Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Update a short trip to Alaska and Yes Bay Lodge 8-29-2014

By now most everyone is aware I made a quick trip to Yes Bay Lodge to work a large group for a few days and also take some pictures for the Lodge and do some fishing for myself.

I left Kalispell Montana on Tuesday the 19th of August and had a quick and painless flight - was actually standing at the Lodge by 10:30 in the morning Alaska time. Left Kalispell at 5:45 in the morning Montana time.

Got settled in my room and set about getting my fishing gear ready and my boat for guests scheduled to arrive the next morning, so my entire first day consisted of unpacking and working on getting everything needed to fish in my boat.

I guest fished the next three days with the group - had a grand time and enjoyed getting back in the swing of things - I played chauffeur most of the time for the leader of the group since I had done that in the past so not as much fishing as I would have hoped since the group leader has a Son and Grand kids who have a small private cabin on an island near Yes Bay and I shuttled him and various people and his dogs back and forth to the island which ate up a bunch of fishing time.

My birthday always falls at the same time this group comes up and the leader of the group always has a birthday dinner for his grandson at the Lodge and I am always invited to participate, which is very nice for him to include me! This year was no different, see below.

Managed to land some nice silver salmon with several of the guests from the group between trips to the island and back.

Here is one of the first pictures I took at the Lodge! This is a laser cut metal sign that was given to us several years ago by a guest and hangs on the dock welcoming our guests to the Lodge! Designed to weather with the rust, we mounted it on a nice black board so it shows up well against the building which is almost the same color of brown as the rusted metal!

I was fortunate to be able to fish one of my favorite guests of this group a very famous photographer - George Kalinsky. He has been the head photographer at Madison Square Gardens for the past 30 years or so and I know you have seen some of his iconic photos - like Elvis - Michael Jordon dunk from the free throw line - numerous singers like Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga and numerous presidents. He has photographed some of the most famous people in the world and tells some interesting stories. He is very humble and says his career has been a gift and allowed him to do what he loves everyday! Who could ask for more! He is advancing in technology and I convinced him to take my picture while we were fishing, he used his IPad and actually emailed it to me from the boat!

I was very happy with the results - so I have officially been Kalinsky'ed!

Now for some more pictures from my stay!

Our planes for the Lodge!

My Shared Birthday Cake a memorable 64!

One of the new guides this year - Captain Troy (Eclipse) Roecker is blessed with a bald head and I thought this picture warranted some modification to better represent his smiley attitude!

Here is Ryan Martinez the General Manager of the Lodge enjoying a good game of Corn Hole on the dock with some of the crew!

A couple pics of the Lodge dining room for the website - how about the view while enjoying some fresh Alaskan Seafood!

And OH THE VIEW from the Lodge!

A few food shots with the background for the website already created to use on the new website!

Top to bottom - Fresh cooked Dungenous Crab, Fresh Salmon and then grilled Halibut, all part of the seafood buffet which we put out for this large group!

We also had a wonderful "Beach Picnic" for the group and the staff cooked a wonderful lunch on a nearby island beach! Had about 40 people on the beach for lunch!

One of the new boats out fishing will be used on the website!

A more typical view in the rain from the dock at the Lodge!

One of my goals of this trip was to replenish my freezer stock of fresh Alaska salmon and halibut - I personally fished my last two days there and got my limit of salmon and halibut all vacuum packed and flash frozen and packed for my return flight.

So here is what is planned for the next month or so - tomorrow - Kalispell Air Show with the Air Force Thunderbird's - weather permitting I hope to get some good pictures. Monday a friend from out of town, a little day trip photo safari to Hungry Horse Reservoir near Glacier National Park. Later next week a two or three day fishing trip in search of some Walleye. Then middle of the month trip to the East Side of Glacier in search of some turning leaves and great photos - two or three day trip. Then the end of September head towards Nevada and Salt Lake to get ready to gather with a group of morons in Ohio for a class Birthday Party in October. Should be a busy next few weeks.

Stay Tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time to Go Fish! Back to Alaska 8-17-2014

The past few days have been busy ones - all settled in here in Montana and all of a sudden I am needed at the Lodge in Alaska to help with a large dig out the Alaska Gear, get the cameras ready and packed - get the fishing gear out, cleaned, lubed and ready to go...and the foul weather gear, then try and figure out, just HOW to get it all in the suitcase!

That is what I have been up to the past 4 days or so....this is a short trip s no need for a ton of clothes, just some mandatory items and of course my cameras and fishing gear.

I am leaving Tuesday the 19th and returning on the 27th - just in time for some planned travel back here in Montana. Should be an adventuresome couple weeks so stay tuned! I am really looking forward to returning to the Lodge, if even for only a real short stint, time to guide a little, take some pics and do some fishing myself. Need to get some good action pictures of the new boats for the new website....

In the meantime I have been taking the new camera out and getting a few shots!

My truck in front of the wonderful mountains of Montana!

Still have firm plans for a couple short trips around Montana when I return, but plan on some updates from Alaska over the next week or so...

Stay Tuned!

BTW - For those interested - got my flights for Ohio in October - arrive CAK - the 8th of October and return to Salt Lake City on the see my Barberton friends soon!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blog Update - August 10, 2014 - Loving my new Camera!

The emails never end - how come you have not updated your blog lately?? Well, I have been friggin busy!

Since returning from the 12 days on the Northfork have been basically hanging out and doing some fishing and planning a couple more adventures for this summer - a few night fishing trips are in the winds over the next week or so then after payday a trip to a Lake West of here for a few days of camping and fishing for some Walleye! Should be fun - then in the beginning of September a few days exploring and taking pictures on the East Side of the Mountains and East Glacier.

This month YoMama put a hurtin on me - for some strange reason our fearless leader decided I made too much money last year and so they shorted my SS Check to the tune of $770.00...made for a tight month - especially since I had just bought my new camera body and was counting on that money....UGH - being poor is a bitch. So I had to get to work on a project I had been putting off since earlier this spring.

The website for the Lodge was due for a major update - one that would make it more friendly for Phones and Netbooks and smaller devices since so much of our traffic now comes from portables - so I spent the past two weeks learning code and rebuilding the website. It went live this past Thursday and so far it is getting rave reviews.

You can see it HERE!

So not having enough time to post was mainly due to me having eyestrain from working on the computer nonstop for the past 10 days or so.

Last night, I decided a drive with my new camera was in order - the afternoon light was wonderful and I was anticipating a nice sunset with the smoke from the fires in Idaho....

Here is what I got!

Surprised a deer in the field!

Been thinking about a shot with the amber waves of grain and purple mountains and last night it came together!

Version One!

Version Two - added America!

Then this morning decided to add the flag!!

This was a grab shot a farmer working late in the field!

When I turned back to the truck this was the farm and the shot was there - I really like this one!

The haze you see is actually chafe from the work going on in the field!!

Then the moon started to rise - so focused my new camera on that!

In Black and White!

Then I had to drive to my spot where I was anticipating the sunset, perfect timing!

A few variations!

Then the obligatory close up of some grain!

Now as so many of you have asked - why the new camera - well I have been wanting the top of the line professional Olympus Digital Single Lens Reflex camera since it came out a couple years ago - since that time Olympus has chosen to abandon the DSLR Market and went to a smaller format - so I was expecting the prices to drop on their top of the line which so far has NOT been discontinued....luckily a friend from the Olympus Camera Forum decided to switch to some off brand camera and decided she would sell her camera body. The camera is an Olympus E-5 it is their flagship - aluminum body - splash resistant and also has a better focusing engine than my previous camera - higher resolution sensor and a few other my old E-30 had a zillion miles on it and was beginning to have problems focusing and sometimes would not shut off and a few other minor annoyances!

Needless to say - Thank You Toni Ard for switching to brand X and selling me the E-5!!

Stay tuned for further adventures coming up - as soon as today and tonight - hope to shoot the moon tonight and maybe some star trails...we shall see!

Thanks everyone for following along!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!