Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gypsy

Over the past twelve months or so as I talked about my plans to leave the “regular Life” and go off on my adventure many of my friends questioned my sanity to say the least! 

Last night as the end of my winter journey comes to an end, I reflected on those thoughts and the many, many people who questioned me…but until you have seen the wild, lived the wild and had the opportunity to discover natures wonder and live within it…it is very hard to understand… 

The Gypsy
A name fondly given me by my good friend Steve Carter this winter during my travels

A long days drive had me weary and as the sun slowly set and the evening twilight replaced the sunlight, I looked for a spot to stop and spend a quiet evening reflecting on this past 6 months journey. As I drove along through the mountains of Montana with snow capped peaks on one side and high mountain lakes on the other the spot to stop materialized right in front of me…a quick U-turn and I was overlooking a glass calm moonlit lake with mountains in the background…as I pulled in to the overlook I startled a herd of deer who were moving down towards the lake to drink and feed in the rich grassland that surrounded the lake… After I parked I left the door open to my humble little home so I could continue to enjoy nature’s majesty. Dinner was cooked, the heat from the stove warmed my house and I watched as the lake grew even calmer…a quiet cocktail enjoying the view and reflecting on this past years journey I was soon ready for bed, I heard the coyotes yelping in the distance, this had been a fine evening. 

As I climbed in bed I heard noises outside which sounded like footsteps…wondering if someone else was invading my territory I quickly rose and looked outside to discover a large heard of Elk moving through the crusted snow right outside my door, they too were heading to the lake for a drink of water and some fresh growth of meadow grass. 

This morning rather than be awoken by the sounds of a city, the sirens, the traffic, the clock radio the god forsaken Television…my alarm clock was the sounds of migrating geese and the lonely call of a bald eagle…the Eagle call, a warm reminder that my adventure continues as my Alaska home beckons me once again. 

And I thought…they ask why I have done this?? 

More later

Capt Jim
Professor aka The Gypsy!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Town - Another State and GREAT NEWS!

I left Grand Junction Colorado again on Wednesday morning the 11th of April. Plan was to start my journey north to Kalispell Montana, with a stop in an old western town in Wyoming. So I spent the day driving up through northern Colorado and made a stop for fuel near Rawlins on damn near get in Wyoming fill your tank there may not be another gas station for over 100 miles...I drove the last 30 miles with the low fuel warning light glaring in my face!! But Made it. Then drove on to Riverton Wyoming and spent an overnight dry camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot, after a nice dinner in Riverton.

Early morning departure to drive up the Wind River Range to my destination of Meeteeste, Wyoming.

The drive up...with this out my left side of the truck almost all the way!

At another stop I say a herd of antelope and by the time I got the rig stopped, of course they moved further away....but a wonderful sight anyway!

I arrived in Meeteeste after about a 2 hour drive, what a wonderful little old west town...with some interesting history. You can read about the town HERE!

Here is one of the old original bank buildings which is now a museum (Free entry at all museums in Meeteeste!

And an early RV - a Sheep Herders line camp wagon.

And now the good news - for those who have been following my Coast Guide License renewal and the problems of providing them the "amplified information" regarding my health status after my stroke 2 years has been an ordeal!

Yesterday I received this in an email!!

"Your application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and medical screening/evaluation processes and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation."

So it looks as though I am approved, will wait for the final notice that my new license is on the way before a big celebration, but I feel better about it now!!

Capt Jim
Gypsy Professor

Monday, April 9, 2012

Update - April 9th, 2012

A little update...I am in Grand Junction Colorado camped behind the Moose Lodge, it is a great, inexpensive spot to be in. Electric and water and sewer close by, so easy camping except for the sand spurs...damn RV section is full of them. But the drinks are good and reasonable, the food is good and inexpensive...and some nice people. Wish the club were open more than 3 nights a week...but as with all Fraternal Clubs generating new younger members is a PIA. Not sure why. This club has a beautiful facility and nice people, all old, but nice. At 62 I think I am the youngest person in the club on any given night.

I am STILL waiting for information on the renewal of my Coast Guard License...hopefully the Dr in Salt Lake supplied the last request for information on Friday. I am checking on that if not Friday maybe tomorrow.

No real immediate travel plans at this point in time. I am staying here until time to head towards Montana. And making sure that everything for the USCG has been completed.

No real picture taking the past few days...more trailer work, had a hose break and leak 20 gallons of water from the fresh water tank all over and had to fix that, so not much going is re-supply day and some clean-up.

I hope to take a few pictures either later today or tomorrow. Then is the USCG is satisfied, I will work on the plan to begin heading North.

More later.

Capt. (Maybe) Jim