Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Update - September 29th - Fall Trip South in Detail

I love it when a plan comes together, just hope the weather cooperates and there is some nice sunshine for some decent pictures and some great fishing would be a plus.

I have spent the past couple days getting the rolling home ready to travel. Laundry is finished and everything is in it's place just a couple grocery items to pick-up - truck is fueled and ready to go. I have finalized my travel plans and schedule as below, to arrive at my winter job in Southern California by Nov 1. I am excited to get started.

Here is the details (of course always subject to change with weather and photo ops)

1. Depart Kalispell on Tuesday the 1st or Wednesday the 2nd weather dependent!

2. This will be a short leg to Ronan very near the Bison Range, one of my favorite photo ops. Spend a full day there hopefully getting some great Antelope and Bison pics.

3. Depart Ronan and the Bison Range and head for Dillon Montana with plans to arrive there around Sunday the 6th - May stop on the way there in Bannick the first Capital of Montana and now a State Park and Ghost town, very neat been there before.

4. Spend most of the week in Dillon getting some leisure time fishing with some good friends from Salt Lake City - spending some serious time fishing the Beaverhead River. And of course taking a picture or two around the ranch and Dillon.

5. Plan to arrive in Salt Lake City on Friday the 11th of October - at my good friends house in Sandy Utah.

6. Fly to Ohio on Monday the 14th of October. Visiting family and attending my 45th Class Reunion and saying hello to a bunch of people who I have not seen for many years! Should be fun.

7. Return from Ohio on Friday the 25th of October.

The following steps through Utah are really up in the air, it is a section of road through Utah I have made in the past and really want to try to squeeze it in on my way South this year, but it may have to be on my way North in the Spring. So much depends on weather and timing

8. Depart Salt lake City on Sunday the 27th of October - Drive Salt Lake City to Goblin Valley State Park - overnight there!

9. Drive from Goblin Valley to Torrey Utah - passing through Capital Reef National Park - an astounding place to visit and photograph - stopping where needed for photo ops. and maybe overnight somewhere along the way.

10. From Torrey or wherever I stop drive the famous Rt 12 through Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and on to Bryce Canyon NP - with an overnight in there somewhere which should put me here around the 29th of October.

11. Now depending on timing make a quick drive from Bryce or Zion depending on where I am to 29 Palms CA. Planning t arrive there by the 31st of November.

Total trip as planned looks to be about 1634 miles. Should be a great fall trip!

Anyway - Mans best laid plans are always subject to change - so stay tuned for highlights and adjustments!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Update - September 23, 2013 - What a Difference a Day Makes!

Amazing what can transpire in just a matter of a day or so...My weekend in Kalispell was full of projects. First was to get laundry completed and everything I took to Alaska cleaned and put away, scrub foul weather gear, clean fishing reels and cold weather clothes repacked away. This is actually a time consuming project in very little space, but luckily while I was gone to Alaska my good friend Jim Flinchbaugh had re-welded my luggage rack on the back of the RV so it was a matter of packing up a couple action packers and re-securing them to the rack. Plus I defrosted the refrigerator and got the RV ready to travel.

During this time I was also online checking for winter jobs and deciding whether I had time to head to Ohio for my 45th Class reunion and visit family. I decided what the hell, you only live once, checked air fares and got a good deal from Salt Lake to Ohio and booked my flights. Ironically about this same time while checking the Workamper web site I saw a location advertising for winter help and sent them an email. Literally a few minutes later my phone rang and a conversation started about coming to the desert in Southern California for the winter. We discussed my capabilities and lo and behold they have a need for some new photography and web design work as well as work around the campground. It is located in 29 Palms California, 2 miles from Joshua Tree National Park which has been on my bucket list now for a couple years....Yesterday we finalized a deal and that is my future winter location, I am excited about the opportunity and looking forward to a winter in the Southern California sunshine.

So, just to add a picture and a thought....below is the last picture I took at Yes Bay this year a wonderful moonrise over the bay from the Lodge - I sit here wondering if this will be the last time I take a picture of the Bay. I enjoyed my short stint there at seasons end this year and I am hoping to be able to return again next year, maybe along the same terms for a short stint...not sure yet if a full season is in these old bones.

Yes Bay Moonrise!

So for you date followers - here is my new plan and hopefully the final plan for this fall and winter.

Depart Kalispell around the end of the month or at least before the snow flies. Head for Salt Lake City with a stop or two along the way.

Scheduled to fly from Salt Lake to Ohio on October 14th - returning to Salt lake on the 25th - attending my class reunion the weekend of the 18th!

Upon my return from Ohio - pack up the camper and take a leisurely drive enjoying some scenery and photo ops to 29 palms California planning to arrive there by the weekend of the 28th - 29th of October!

Look for some fantastic photos along the way and plenty more all winter long.

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Update - Saturday September 21st - Back in Montana

Needless to say it was an eventful departure from Yes Bay a couple days ago. My buddy Tommy and I were scheduled to fly out of the Lodge together on Thursday the 18th, however weather predictions for some severe wind changed our plans and cut our fishing a little short on Wednesday. So it was hurry back to the Lodge get my gear off of my boat and get my stuff in the room packed up and fly in to Ketchikan the afternoon of Wednesday the 17th. Weather predictions were right on and caused a little chaos at the Lodge for a few days, planes were pulled out of the water and no flights on Thursday and Friday from the Lodge.

But Tommy and I got to Ketchikan on Wednesday early evening checked in to a hotel and enjoyed a very nice dinner together in town. Weather was miserable with steady winds at 35 MPH plus and gust to over 60! And torrential rain! So it was a good thing we left when we did. Tom's flight on Thursday at 1:00 pm departed Ketchikan without a hitch. It is always suggested to avoid the early morning flight from Ketchikan during the month of September as weather can be an flight early Friday morning also departed Ketchikan on time, but it was a thrill ride up to about 25000 feet with lots of severe turbulence there were some excited people on the flight who have not experienced a rough take-off in 35 - 40 knots of wind, but the worst part was over in about 5 minutes and 20 minutes into the flight it was smooth sailing all the way to Seattle. I made an easy connection and landed in Kalispell on time at about 3:30 Friday afternoon. Now doing laundry and getting all the crap I unpacked to go to Alaska all packed back away and getting the trailer ready to travel. No firm winter plans just yet, but Mesa AZ looks to be my best offer so far which begins November 1st so will do some traveling and sightseeing between now and then, may venture back to Ohio for our 45th High School Class reunion and in the meantime continue to shop for a newer, bigger truck.

A little recap on my two weeks of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge and a couple special pics. A couple pics are repeats from previous posts but tough shit, I like them and it is MY BLOG!

My first morning at the Lodge was amazing!

One of my favorite little Bays near the Lodge!

My first real day out fishing with Heidi who is the best server in the Lodge and a great fisher woman! We also released a few other nice silvers, since the Lodge freezer was about full!

Early morning guest fish only for two hours...

First guests that were part of the large group. I had two guests but only one stayed down for the picture! Morning catch!

Afternoon catch!

Second morning fishing - with the highlight of my stay this year a nice 30 plus pound King Salmon!

Me with the fish! (Remember my blog!)

The afternoon catch!

Third day morning another limit of nice Silvers!

Early morning fish before the group left - only fished 2 hours! Bad pic with the light

My best friend Tom Halinski arrived and we fished a few hours after he arrived!

The next morning in the driving rain...only managed one nice silver!

We did a little better in the afternoon - nice silver and a decent sized King!

3rd morning!


Last morning!

Short afternoon - flew out to avoid the bad weather!

All in all my friend Tommy got nearly 50 pounds of nice salmon although the halibut refused to cooperate, not that we didn't try!! Pounded the bottom to a froth but no success! But the fish are just a bonus - spending time out fishing with good friends are what it is all about, with wonderful Alaska scenery to boot!

Look for updates on my winter plans, hopefully finalized here in the next few days!

Thanks for following along!!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blog Update - September 14th - Yes Bay Fishing!

I finished with the large group which left the Lodge today and had a spectacular time - with great fishing and a great group of people! Now my best friend Tom Halinski gets here in the morning and we will fish for 4 days or so! Should be a blast! Just hope the bite stays as strong as it has been!

The highlight of this groups fish was a beautiful 30.7 pound King Salmon. I just had to get a picture of me with this beautiful fish!

To recap my fishing with this group -
Day one - Morning limit of 12 silver salmon and two nice small halibut in the afternoon!
Day two - Big King and two nice silvers in the morning - then one silver in the afternoon!
Day Three - 12 nice silver salmon in the morning and a nice rock fish in the afternoon!
Day four - Only one hour of fishing in the morning and got 3 nice large silver salmon!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Today I scrubbed all the blood out of the boat and got it ready for my friend Tom to arrive - we will fish tomorrow! Then I took a few pictures right around the Lodge!

I have really enjoyed my time here back at the Lodge and just may have to consider another season here next year! We shall see what happens this winter, actually this has been perfect just a short stint, great weather and great fishing and good friends...

Stay tuned for more fishing with my buddy Tommy!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blog Update - Great Day to Fish - The Professor is Back!

Large group arrived yesterday at the Lodge and today was our first day of fishing with the group and only my second day out with any customers this year!

The morning was spectacular! The fishing for the day was just as good with all 10 boats fishing and limits of silver salmon all around and most boats limited on halibut in the afternoon, throw in a couple nice kings and you have a great day! This group put over 600 pounds of fillets in the freezer today! Great group, good people and super fishing!

Here was our morning view at sunrise!

Every morning is different - some just better than others, but all beautiful. This is from the day before yesterday with some morning fog!

To recap - check the fishing report tomorrow for pictures....but my boat landed 12 nice silver salmon in the morning and two nice small halibut in the afternoon! People were happy, so I had a great day! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blog Update - Back on the boat!

Spent yesterday out alone checking out my boat and fishing gear, managed a couple fish, lost a nice 80 pound plus halibut next to the boat while trying to get the harpoon ready to use, PIA when you are the only one on the boat with a big fish on!

Today I took one of the crew out fishing for my really first day out this year. Landed three nice small halibut and a bunch of silvers, we released all but one, plenty of silvers already in the freezer...great silver run so far this year!

Check the fishing report blog tomorrow for the dock pictures...

But I managed a couple pictures today.

Finally a decent shot of me on the boat in one of my favorite secret coves, just beautiful! (The Cove - Not me!)

This is how calm and beautiful it was today....

First customer fish tomorrow morning for a short trip before she flies out at 11 so short morning! The the big group arrives tomorrow afternoon and it will be everyone on the water!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Update - September 7th - Back to Alaska!!

Well, I am back in Alaska for a couple weeks of work and fishing, great way to end my summer! The Lodge has a large group coming in and they were in need of a guide, so here I am.

Flew out of Kalispell yesterday morning and was at the Lodge in time for dinner! Great to be "Back Home"...

Per the usual - After landing in Ketchikan, the guests 10 people were flown out on two planes and I stayed back with the luggage and then got to load luggage and fly out with the bags!! Beautiful day and beautiful flight.

Mixture of pictures today - a couple from my visit to Glacier National Park in Kalispell then a couple from my trip yesterday and a beautiful shot from this morning.

St Mary Lake in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Loading Luggage in Ketchikan!

Beautiful Flight Out to the Lodge!

Absolutely Stunning Morning today!

Stay tuned for some fishing pics the next couple weeks and some more Alaska Scenery!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update - From Big Sky Montana - change of plans!

One thing I can always rely on while traveling...about the time you have a plan for my next destination, it changes. I arrived in Kalispell last Sunday and have spent the past week relaxing and working on a winter plan. Also shopping for a newer truck and trying to figure out where to be for the winter. The past week has been filled with some maintenance tasks as well, the Alaska Highway put an ass whippin on the truck and trailer. Replaced the front driver side hub and bearing on the truck, probably should have replaced it last spring when I did the other side, but it didn't seem bad, the ALCAN took care of that problem as when we took it apart this time it was in worse shape than the other side, with grease pushing out of the bearing assembly and it spun loud and rough. Car is now quiet again with the new hub and bearing, a pleasure again to drive at 40-50 MPH when it was the noisiest this last 2000 mile trip down from Alaska.

I am continuing to search for a winter job, so far nothing definite, but there could be a boat job in AZ which I will check out when I head South, but just about the time I was making plans to leave I got a call from Yes Bay about coming up for a couple weeks to help with a large group and lay out the marketing plan for the winter and booking next season. Since the truck and RV are in a good place to leave them, I will be flying up to Alaska on Friday the 6th of September and returning on the 20th of September, so a good solid two weeks of guiding and fishing is just what the doctor ordered, I am really looking forward to returning to Yes Bay. So after making a few repairs to the truck and trailer, the past few days have been spent dragging my Alaska fishing gear out of storage in the RV and trying to figure out how to get it all packed for the return trip in a few days! Plus a couple trips to the tackle store to pick up a few items...always find too many things that I need!

Took a scrub brush to the truck and trailer and they are both now nice and clean and ready to head South when I return from Alaska.

Went to the race track on Friday to watch some practicing and see if my buddy Jim's car will get them through the end of the season after the main car blew an now revamping a borrowed car to finish the season with.

While there at practice I could not help but get a picture of this nice car!

And a picture of my buddy Jim with hands on the borrowed car ready to make a few suspension tweaks to get a couple more seconds off the lap time.

Was planning on taking the Road to the Sun through Glacier today but it is raining and overcast so we will try again tomorrow. That means today will be spent putting 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag and getting ready for Fridays departure.

Hopefully we will get to Glacier tomorrow and get some pictures, but stay tuned for some fish pics from Alaska over the next few weeks! The Professor returns to Yes Bay!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!