Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blog Update - Health and Hummers!

You always dread the truth and reality when it comes to your health or lack of it..had a little shortness of breath and swollen ankles and feet so time to get checked out!

I have enjoyed my life to the fullest and have never been terribly concerned about taking care of this old body - hard chargin, hard drinkin, hard workin and hard smokin..well it has caught up with me and time to be a little more focused on some lifestyle changes!

A visit to a cardiologist is in my near future - heart is strong, but on the verge of Congestive Heart Disease, so time for some new meds and time to get a little more exercise and work on quitting smoking.

Enough about that, it is what it is...this morning the electric was off and so had to make my coffee in my French Press with hot water from the propane stove - it was great and went outside and had a long visit from some hummers at the feeder, this little guy was very comfortable with my presence and allowed me to get a few great pics...


You Lookin at ME??

Also the new higher bar stools arrived the other day for the Oasis - Love them.

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