Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Were they good - Yes they were!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops with an butter garlic-scallion cream sauce

The other day when unpacking some totes to find software disks to load in my new laptop - I discovered a long lost treasure, my scallop shells which I use to serve one of my specialties, so I decided it was time to cook up some scallops, which I love.


Scallops typically are mostly tasteless unless they are old then real fishy, but fresh or freshly frozen are sweet and need a good sauce to bring out the flavor of the scallop.

My favorite is a fresh butter garlic/scallion cream sauce with a little kicker of pepper and chili powder. So crushed chopped garlic in a small sauce pan with a stick of good salted butter and some finely chopped green onions - simmer in the melted butter then put a tablespoon of flour in a few ounces of cold milk or cream - shake briskly to dissolve the flour then slowly stir into the sauce pan of butter and garlic - stir until it thickens. Add some fresh ground pepper to taste and some chili powder or cayenne pepper to add a little bite.

Bacon wrapped scallop under the broiler for about 15 minutes each side - turn once until bacon is crisp!

Spoon some sauce in the serving shell and then add the scallops and spoon some more sauce on top.

What a great presentation!

Shared in the clubhouse with rave reviews while watching the College Football Championship - YEA CLEMSON!

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