Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Salmon Projections

According to the latest State of Alaska - Fish and Game Report we are in for another fantastic year of salmon fishing with all species up or at the same levels as last year except the pink salmon run, which will be a little lower this year, more back in line with a normal year as last year was one of the largest on record.

Here is the detailed data from their report - Predictions say salmon season will produce fewer fish By LAINE WELCH - Alaska's 2010 salmon season will produce 15 percent fewer fish, if predictions by state fishery managers hold true.

The statewide, all species harvest is pegged at 138 million salmon, compared to last year's catch of 162.5 million salmon, the 12th largest take since 1960.

According to the 2010 Run Forecasts and Harvest Projections report just released by the state commercial fisheries division, the shortfall stems from an expected decrease in pink salmon catches.

The statewide breakdown for this year's projected salmon catches calls for a slight bump up for Chinook to 515,000 fish; for sockeye, a catch of 45.8 million reds is an increase of 2.5 million; the coho catch of 4.4 million is up just slightly; staying the same is the chum forecast of 18 million fish. For those hard to predict pinks, a projected catch of 69.1 million is about 28% lower than last year.

Make sure you make plans to join us this year as it promises to be a good one!!

Capt Jim

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I really need a dog like this!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sheepshead fishing

February 18th - Surprise Fishing Trip

I was heading down to Gulfport on some photography business with a plan for when I finished to stop by and see Capt Dave Dant to have him help me set up my new fly rod that I am taking to Alaska this summer. So as soon as I finished, I called Capt Dave to see where he was and of course he was out fishing...he said, where are you and I said not far from Gulfport marina, he said lets go fish, we'll come in and pick you up, bring along the fly rod I'll get it set up while you fish for some nice sheepshead!

Now - who could turn down an offer like that, so 20 minutes later, I am climbing on the boat and off we go!

First stop right in Boca Ciega Bay near the marina, we fish some pilings and in no time we have a couple real nice sheepshead in the well. I had no fish at home, so decided to keep a few for dinner.

We fished most of the day and even managed to get my fly rod set up. Although, I have ordered some better line which I will put on when it gets here.

Fish for dinner - had 4 real nice keepers, we released the rest, but these guys are good eating.

Capt Jim Lucas

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Final Pictures from trip to and from Alaska 2009

I have now upgraded my photography site to allow the purchase of pictures, this also includes the fishing photos taken at the fish weigh in at Yes Bay Lodge, so if any of you want your fish pictures, you can find them here.

Search through the Alaska galleries and you will be sure to find your pictures, then you can purchase any that you would like, there are a number of sizes available and they are quite reasonable.

Enjoy the slides from my trip on the cruise to Alaska on the MV Ryndam and my trip home through the Canadian Rockies.

Getting ready to return to Alaska the end of May! Can't wait!

Capt Jim

Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Bye Captain Mel Berman

An old friend passed away today. Capt Mel Berman a long time Tampa Bay fishing guide and radio and television personality. On the air for almost 25 years every Saturday morning, I awoke most every Saturday morning listening to his show.

I have known Mel now for almost 5 years, he asked me to be on his show several times, although it never worked out, I told him that his show was for the Tampa Bay anglers and that people would not be interested in hearing about my fishing in Alaska or the various techniques we use.

Saw Mel on the water many times and he was always gracious and friendly. We only fished together a couple times and it was a pleasure. He was a very knowledgeable fisherman and loved to share his experience.

Anyway, he will be missed for sure.

Capt Jim Lucas

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final 2010 Guide Additions

Well the entire Guide staff is now confirmed and ready to go. We have three additional returning guides for 2010.

Captain Fred (Fireman) Rovey will be joining us for the beginning of the season, June through mid-July. You might remember Fred from the 2008 season which was his first year guiding at Yes Bay.

Then the dynamic duo of the Captain Sean (Harvester) Roberts and his fearless buddy Captain Sean (The General) McCossin will be returning to finish the season at Yes Bay. They spend the early part of the season out on Prince of Wales and have fished at Yes Bay for years. They will arrive around the beginning of August and close out the season with us.

Captain Sean Roberts - He's the one in the orange pants!

Captain Colin McCossin - He's the tall one!!

We are looking forward to another fantastic year at Yes Bay. The rest of the staff is nearly complete as well, so we are all making plans for a fantastic summer at Yes Bay Lodge in beautiful SE Alaska,

Capt Jim Lucas
The Professor