Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Plans for 2011 and beyond!!

This is my new project for the rest of the winter - make plans to find the trailer and then build my tiny house on it next winter!!

Well I now have some finalized plans for the remainder of this winter season and then next winter season. I will start seriously shopping for the proper trailer this winter and get it bought, and start working on the design for the remainder of the winter. After Alaska next year I will be building my TINY HOUSE on the trailer….and then be ready to see the world!!

Mine will be a little different as I will NOT sleep in a loft, so it will be on one level and it MUST have a full bath with shower, fresh water storage with a boat pressure water system plus room for grey and black water storage and also room to add a generator at some point. I like the gas fireplace for heat and of course it will be air conditioned, more than likely with a nice window unit….except for the AC and some electrical outlets for appliances and hot water heater the remainder of the house will operate like a boat on 12 or 24 volt….with a couple batteries and maybe a solar panel for charging and a charger hooked to the generator or of course shore power if I am in a campground…

How about watching one be built!

And another great view...

Wish me luck - I think it will be fun and perfect for my upcoming lifestyle change! Who knows may even figure out a way to make some money at it!! Seems popular as I do more research!!


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