Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Time at Yes Bay!

There is never really a slow time around Yes Bay Lodge. The winter activities are much different than the summer activities, but many are the same. Generators and fuel levels need checked, water still needs to be pumped although more difficult because you have frozen pipes and ice to deal with. Lots of snow shoveling. All the boardwalks need to be shoveled and if the snow load is big the roof on the main Lodge will get shoveled as well. Rooms are checked daily for leaks and any other issues. There are always scheduled maintenance projects some which last all winter, refurbishing rooms and bathrooms. Dock has to be maintained, the ice needs to be broken up around the dock to prevent damage.

This year we had a project to repair the railings on the front boardwalk which was abruptly removed by a very strong windstorm early this winter, including the weather station wind gauge which departed Yes Bay with a final reading of over 130 MPH winds!

But there is also time for some fun....the girls Michela and Saylor had some fun in the snow recently....

Looking out beautiful Yes Bay in the winter!!

Stay tuned for more details as the 2011 season draws near, we are all anxious to get back to the Bay and have another great year of adventure fishing!

Capt Jim

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