Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Halibut Regulations!

We got some great news today - the IPHC - International Pacific Halibut Commission voted today to endorse and accept the recommendations for new halibut regulations for area 2-C - which is the area where Yes Bay is located...

The new rules are what is known as a reverse slot limit. Anglers are allowed one fish per day which may be:

1. Under 45 inches ( this is about a 43 pound halibut


2. Over 68 inches (this will be about a 163 pounder!)

So the trophy halibut is back!! And even the smaller halibut is a big increase over what was allowed last year! It is a win / win!

So plan on catching some big butts again this year! I know all the guides are looking forward to the challenge!!


Capt Jim

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