Monday, April 18, 2016

Busy Weekend and busier week ahead!

My time in Twentynine Palms is winding down and this will be a very busy week...the trailer needs a good cleaning and time to pack up all the stuff that has been out all winter - needs to be stowed away and ready to travel.

So before the hard work, I decided to hit the local car show and take a couple more trips into Joshua Tree NP. I finished putting everything away in the clubhouse and giving the floor one last good cleaning.

The floor is clean!

Tables and Chairs are all stacked and put away!

The Marines have been very busy the past few days, with artillery firing and helicopters!

The Car Show!

Neat truck - mid-engine!

A few from Joshua Tree NP

The Vast Mohave Desert

Wonderful Wildflowers Everywhere!

I was fortunate to find a Chollo Cactus in true bloom!

Found a very large Barrel Cactus up the side of a hill, so took a walk!

Always a favorite for Black & White conversion a Chollo Carcass, amazing structure!

My last day of work here is the 22nd - plan to pack up the 23rd and depart on the 24th or so on the long journey!

29 Palms base to summer 2016 - Parker

I have some homework for my Ohio friends - planning next years calendar to be either a Ohio one or Barberton one - put on your thinking caps and give me some places to shoot and help decide on Ohio or just Barberton?

See everyone soon - stay tuned for highlights of the cross country trip!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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