Sunday, August 2, 2020

New Place - Funny how stuff Happens!!

Furniture and other stuff ordered started to arrive this week, so was starting to get things settled...After my recliner broke at my old place I was looking forward to receiving my new one...well it arrived and happens to be the MOST uncomfortable recliner in the world...not bad to sit in, but no way comfortable enough to sleep in...well shit just keeps happening, I decided to sleep in the old recliner leaning to starboard as more comfortable than the new one! Lo and behold on Thursday night I was sound asleep in the old chair and was startled awake by a loud screeching sound from my swamp cooler then the blower suddenly quit...look at the clock, go pee and open the front cover, move the fan by hand it is a drum fan, try the power again and realize the motor is shot...

Pack up Coffee pot, sugar, coffee and some silverware and at 4 am load the golf cart and head to the new least it will be cool, 4 am and still 94 degrees...made the new chair work at least for a few more hours sleep.

When the new chair arrived Spectrum Cable had also installed cable and internet, so I was all set, but nothing set up, TV settings and no WiFi until I moved over my router, all set now, but the first night was a little rough.

Tons of boxes this morning as I put things together!! 

New Loveseat 

Worlds Most Uncomfortable Recliner!!! 

Safety Valve sleeping substitute 

Have had this for a while - in the shed so decided it was more comfortable than the recliner... 

Got Cable and Hockey so life is good 

Computer and Internet and Soundbar!

Desk and a few more things to assemble or put away!! 

Need a shelf for the Freezer...moved it all over yesterday evening. 

Plenty to eat!! 

Need to bring over some cooking stuff so I can start using my larger kitchen and also bring my grill...still a ton to do!

The fridge was made for me - came with a can dispenser until the kegerator gets a new keg and moved over! 

So far I love the place and it is really comfortable and when I get everything moved over it will be really nice. Gonna be a long move - as the daily temp now is over 110 everyday and now without a cooler in the old place you can only work a short time before the heat gets to you!!

Stay Tuned! 

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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