Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mad Momma Bear

The dogs ran a mother bear and her two cubs up a tree in front of the Lodge this morning and Momma bear was not real happy. The cubs were so far up the tree that a picture was impossible.

Finally got the dogs (Cinder and Nikko - Karelian Bear Dogs) to calm down and leave them alone so they could come down and scamper off into the woods. The dogs were just doing their job to alert us of any bears around the Lodge and of course keep them away.

Final day of fishing at the Lodge today, tomorrow we clean up around here, see the last guests off and get the lodge shut down for winter.

I have a real adventure planned for my trip home, should involve tons of picture taking so I am looking forward to that...

Check my blog below for details posted a couple days ago.

Enjoy the pictures,

Capt Jim

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