Monday, September 21, 2009

Winding down...and a helluvaparty!

Well the last guests left yesterday morning and it was time to start
breaking down the Lodge and get it ready for winter.

No sense packing up all the booze from the bar, se we as a group attempted
to lessen our work load and have a couple cocktails last night...

It MUST have been a good time since I woke up with a heck of a black eye.
That will teach me to drink with an Irishman...Sean (Shamrock) Hagen decided
that a head butt was in order...missed my head and hit my eye. Yes there was
alcohol involved. But we all survived and most of the crew left this morning
on three boats heading to town.

The only crew left here at the Lodge is; Myself, Slammer, Sharon, Nicky and
Dewey. Plenty of chores to do around here today and tomorrow, the rest of us
are leaving for town on the morning of the 23rd. Then a couple days in town
and then off on my trip home adventure starting the 25th.

Enjoy the pictures of the black eye, last plane out and crew leaving.

Capt Jim

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