Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th - Happy Independence Day!!

We spent our 4th of July with a great group of guests, trying to find some salmon that were hungry. Some did and most didn't, it was a hard day of fishing the bite never really happened. Although a couple very nice fish still hit the dock, including a beautiful 30 pound King Salmon and a very nice 63 pound plus halibut, reeled in by a very strong 12 year old!! What a great fish, almost weighed as much as he did!!

We'll the pictures off with the 30 pound King and the 63 pound halibut!!

And now the rest of the highlights for today!!

As always, you never know what you are going to see when we go out fishing, today old crooked fin the Killer Whale cruised through the Bell Island area and one of the younger whales in the pod decided to jump in the air right where we were fishing, a quick handed guest managed to capture the exact moment, what a beautiful picture it made!!

Copyright 2010 - Photo by Gary Monnig a very satisfied guest, coached by Pete Gwasdof.

Another fine celebration of July 4th at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska.

Capt Jim

Stay tuned for a later posting of our fabulous fire works display!!

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