Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salmon Season Starts at Yes Bay Lodge 2011

Today was the first day of really working hard at trolling for Salmon. The Kings are just starting to arrive and I had 2 guests to fish from one of the InnerSea Discovery boat - the Adventurer, it will be stopping at Yes Bay every other Thursday all summer, the sister ship will be on the alternate Thursdays, so we will have one of the boats by the Lodge every week on Thursdays. About 50 passengers a few went up the river and fished for trout and on this group I took 2 out for a half day of salt water fishing. We also took two groups on a nice Flightseeing trip on 9 pound.

Managed a nice big and bright Chum salmon and one just under-size King Salmon, so the salmon are starting up....

Here are the guests with part of their catch, we also caught a couple nice rock fish.

Here I am with a closer shot of my first guest keeper salmon of the year!

Lodge opens in just a couple weeks on June 14th with first guests, there is still a few spots left in June, some in July and some in early August, the end of August is nearly full and September Silver season is going to be a bomb!! Lots of people and lots of fish!!

Come and Experience Your Alaska at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska.

Capt Jim Lucas

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