Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Driving Day - Zion to Bryce Canyon to Moab

I left the campground near Zion with the intention of going to Bryce Canyon and staying a few days...but the weather and altitude did not cooperate. I wondered why so many of the campgrounds were closed - Holy Crap that place is high, over 8800 feet and snow and windy and colder than I went in to the park, it was sunny and cold when I went through the gate, after a short stop at the visitor center and a rest room break I return outside to find the cloud level had dropped to the parking lot and it was snowing like crazy...only re-enforced my decision to head back down the hills and get to lower altitude and better weather...

Here is the parking lot...

And the view...

So I went inside the trailer and had lunch, took a snooze and waited for some sunshine as hard as the wind was blowing I knew this snow squall would not last never got real bright and sunny but at least you could see!

Stay tuned for more adventures as I explore Arches National Park and Islands In The Sky in Canyonlands National Park!

Capt Jim

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