Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22nd - Fishing Report

Today was a big fish day at Yes Bay Lodge with some really big Kings hitting the dock and quite a few standard sized fish as well...
It was the afternoon bite that really sparked the day. The weather was perfect all day with overcast skies, no wind and broken sunshine all day. Hot - reached 75 - 76 degrees and the fishing was just as hot!
Some real nice halibut hit the dock and a couple real big halibut were fought and released...but the two big fish of the day were King Salmon!
First a 44.4 pound King then followed closely on another boat a 42.1 pounder! Both amazing fish!!
We'll start with the pics of the big kings!
Here are the fish side by side with the lighter of the two on the scale!

Here are the two happy anglers, both did a masterful job of fighting these big fish!

The fish holding ceremony!

Now the group shots of the catch!

Now on with the rest of the pictures for today!

Tomorrow everyone will be looking for some even bigger ones for sure!
Stay Tuned!

An extra fine day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Capt Jim

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