Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26th - Non - Fishing Report

Short report tonight and no fish pictures. Three boats went out with some day guests from the Wilderness Discovery Cruise Ship and it was all catch and release. They had a fine day for it, with beautiful weather and a good assortment of fish. All three boats did well with mulitple salmon including a couple Kings, a nice silver, a couple nice chum and some pinks. Also they got some bottom fishing in with a decent sized halibut released and some rock fish.

We have a nice two day break without guests, this is pretty much planned every year, gives the crew time for some fum, Lodge gets a complete cleaning, fishing gear gets repaired and ready for the rest of the season. A big group of crew is making the hike up to Lake Shelokum and the hot spring tomorrow!

Some Scenery from around the Lodge:

Capt Jim

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