Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Season's In the Mist - Finally ready to Publish!

I will start out with some info on a road trip I took yesterday! My best friend from Florida was scheduled to be on a little vacation with his mother in Las Vegas, so we had made plans to meet up for lunch to catch up and give me the opportunity to see his mother, which I hadn't seen since Thanksgiving almost two years ago just before I left Florida for good. Tommy was up to the Lodge last year for his annual fishing trip, so I had seen him since leaving, but just over a 100 miles away and it was time for a road trip. So yesterday I hit the ATM, filled up the truck and drove a little over a hundred miles for a lunch date! We met had a wonderful lunch and great conversation. Then I headed back to Kingman although I took a more circuitous return route and decided to gamble a little in Laughlin NV. Well I had $200.00 to gamble and time to kill, so why not, well a few hours in the casino went through $180 bucks pretty quick, but then the tide turned and the fish started biting so to speak and suddenly I had the machine up over $200.00, so played it down to $200.00 and cashed out. Not one to quit too early, I realized I still had $20.00 of my original stash, so dropped another $20.00 in the same machine and lo and behold, ran it up another $200.00 plus and decided to absolutely quit at $100.00 plus. Which I am proud to say I did. So left with $200.00 to gamble and came home with $300.00 not bad for a days work and got to spend some great time with my good friend Tom Halinski and his mother, great family friends!

On my return to the campground, I stopped by the office since I was expecting a proof of my latest publishing project - "Season's in the Mist".

One of my larger winter projects is finally complete and ready to publish! It is a fun publishing project highlighting some of my experiences as a Alaska Fishing Guide at Yes Bay Lodge - recap of my 6 years, although there is no way I could relive all my experiences I wanted to document a few of the times fishing in Alaska!

Here is a preview of the book and if you click on it you will be taken to a place where you can order your own personal copy!

Season's in the Mist!

Feel free to order a copy for yourself! It is a great memory for past guests and guides with plenty of pictures around the Lodge and some fun reading about fishing at Yes Bay Lodge!

Road Trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

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