Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 29th - Kingman Sand Drags

Something different today, took a drive out to a brand new motorsports park in Kingman where they were holding their first event of the summer season. It was a beautiful day with warm sunny weather and a nice breeze. I went on Friday the opening day figuring most people and the crowds would be there Saturday. I was right.

Not a great selection of big sand rails but some really nice and fast cars, lots of noise and good old boys having fun with their various vehicles. But it was a time for kids as well, there were a bunch of kids racing on 4 wheelers and a few bikes and some interesting custom built sand rails powered by motorcycle motors, some were pretty darned fast with speeds up to 75 MPH or so and real quick.

I managed a few interesting pictures.

This was the youngest racer of the day and it was pretty funny - she was 3 years old and determined!

All in all a fun day doing something different - today is clean the trailer day and maybe an afternoon drive to find some wildflowers and a hangy thing (not sure what??) for Pat in Oatman!

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