Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Update - Making the truck Mine!

Well, I have had the new truck a little over a week now and it is starting to come together and I am making it mine. I added the bed cover last week and this week a couple other items came in that do more to personalize my truck.

Yesterday my window shades arrived and I installed them, also my stickers arrived and my new GPS Mounts. BTW - If you are having problems with your GPS suction cup mount not holding on to the glass as well as it should, then I can highly recommend replacing the original suction cup mount with one from this company...they make holders for virtually every GPS and the suction cup is much larger and stronger and is actuated by a screw down system that is virtually impossible to break loose!

The company name is: Ram Mounts and their website is HERE

They are a little pricey but very well built and 10 times stronger than any original.

So this first photo is for Ms. Patricia Millhoff...I had a similar sticker on the old truck and she bitched about it for two weeks before she arrived for vacation in the fall of 2012 when we toured Utah...said she didn't want one on her side of the truck, well tough, it was there anyway and now there are two new ones on this truck!

I also got mirror extensions which will be nice when towing!

The window deflectors are something I wanted for the old truck and never got...

Here is the GPS Mount for my handheld!

And the one for my standard car GPS!

I have enough electronics in the truck to hopefully never get lost. I use the handheld as a trip log, since I can download to my computer the route I traveled and better calculate my distance traveled and mileage. And of course it is a back-up in case the other one gets lost!

Several people have asked about the fact it is a stick shift and so far I love it, except with all the power without the trailer it is like driving an old muscle car, which is kind of fun, but I have to be careful, it is fast!

Friday I have a photo trip planned up a nearby canyon in the Park which is supposed to be a great photo spot, we shall see!

Stay Tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!


  1. Very interesting topic, thanks for posting.

  2. A manual. Becoming rarer and rarer unfortunately. :/