Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog Update - Track night and travel plans June 15, 2015

This past week has been busy on two fronts - get ready for Race Night Saturday Night and get ready for a little road trip for fishing.

Saturday Night was night two for the race car and it went well right up until the end. We worked out most of the handling problems with the car and timed well and did OK in the heat race. We made a few minor adjustments before the Main Event and started well, running up into 2nd place for a few laps. Then a series of cautions caused the field to jam up again. Then we had a red flag after running hard for about 15 laps. They had to clear some oil from the track so we stopped dead for about 15 minutes...on the restart the car had a serious miss. We were in 3 rd place and could have moved to 2nd with a little luck, but the miss was so bad we had to fall out. Car would not start to get on the trailer for the trip home so we were all concerned.

Sunday morning up early to find the problem - removed the distributor cap to find the rotor was melted and all distorted. The heat buildup while sitting on the red flag melted the rotor. Replaced the rotor and she fired right up. So we have some heat problems to deal with before the next race which is two weeks away.

A few pics from Race Night!

All in all a good night - car ran well, we expect a few issues with a brand new car. Nothing serious broke and we still finished 4th in the main event...and right behind the leaders until the engine problem.

No racing next week - next race is June 27th which gives Jimbo and I time for a few days on the road for a little fishing!

So we get everything ready in the camper and load up the boat and head South to Noxon Reservoir for a few days of camping and fishing....

Stay Tuned for pics and fish stories by the end of the week. Plans call for leaving tomorrow morning and returning Friday or Saturday - depends on the fishing and weather!!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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