Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blog Update - New Fridge Spring Cleaning & Repairs

First I just love this quote and had to put it on an image!

Since our return from Noxon the focus has been to get all the repairs completed on my trailer for the trip to the North Fork coming up July 16th. Plus I needed to do a little spring cleaning in preparation for the MB to arrive on the 20th of July.

First thing was scrub the floor real good - yes the floor was dirty!

Clean Now!

Next was remove the old fridge...

New Fridge installed!

Getting cold!

Now to make room for Millhoff and get the bed cleaned up and emptied out for two with a bundling board! Lord knows we don't want to touch!!

First - removed the freezer and put the settee back for a spot to sit at the dinette!

Strip the bed and wash all the linens!

Reassemble the whole damn thing and wrestle it back in place...

Bed made and ready to go!

We have also been splitting wood for next winter!

And working on the car!

I spent one whole day fixing my temporary plumbing repair I made in Salt Lake - so spent the day on my belly trying to reach the impossible and put permanent Pex pipe in with Shark Bite fittings - that was a pleasure!

Now this afternoon off to the race track again with numerous good changes made so hopefully we will finish a little better...but supposed to be 100 degrees so it will be hot as shit on the track...

Stay Tuned for updates - a ton happening!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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