Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blog Update - Another night at the Races August 8th, 2015

It was another night of frustration at the race track with not only some more car problems but now we add in some track problems - and it looks like our season is over here in Montana.

The crew spent all week tracking down a couple problems with the car - remember last time out we had a bad miss. The car was backfiring badly on deceleration which had a detrimental affect on the exhaust headers so they got replaced which was a major job and required some fabrication. We also located a problem with the carburetor which got a total rebuild and the gear on the distributor was chewed we left for the track yesterday feeling we had the problems licked...

The car is handling pretty good and in the first couple practice laps was running good. On the second set of practice we had the miss again, not as bad, but there was a miss. Took the carb off again and checked it all and then looked for an electrical problem. We found a wire that was shorting out and fixed that and the miss pretty much went away but not entirely.

The crew at work!

We went out for the main event - 100 laps with the full intention of running the full race but if the miss developed again, pull off the track and save the car...well we went out and after about 14 laps - Dustin felt a bad vibration and came in. Night was over!

As for the track problems which pretty much ends the season - they have decided to combine two classes - our class the Super Stocks and the Late Models which are faster, so basically it makes it nearly impossible for us to compete. Any more races for number 84 will more than likely be at another track, like Idaho!

There is always amazing scenery in Montana, even at the race track!

And a hot air balloon interrupted the scenery!

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures this summer!

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