Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog Update - Sunsets, End of Season and Trip Planning

I have had a busy past 7 days - filling in on night phone and patrol here in the RV Park while covering for a vacationing co-worker...during this time I have also been working on trip planning for my departure on the 21st or 22nd of April.

This week at the park has been a busy one, with the park almost full every night with what seems to be Northbound winter travelers. Also several of our winter residents have been pulling out daily, off on their own adventures on their way back towards home. Always a sad time to see so many friends leaving.

My trip to Ohio and my summer job will be a long one. I try to only travel about 300-350 miles per day when towing, although I suspect I will drive a little further than that if all goes well. The trip total is 2237 miles and I have it planned for about 7 days, hopefully will trim a day or so off of that once I hit the road. My intention is to arrive at Chatham Lakes Campground in Medina on or about the 27th of April, just prior to opening weekend.

The Map and Route!

29 Palms base to summer 2016 - Parker

Spring has sprung here in the Desert and we have been blessed with warm days a wonderfully cool evenings and some stunning sunsets.

My departure from Twentynine Palms RV Resort will be a little more emotional this year as I do not plan to return next winter, my plans are to head for Florida for the winter, then back out west the following summer and back here year after next, if all goes well.

Stay tuned - still a few more adventures before I depart a month from now!

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