Thursday, November 17, 2016

Potential New Home

I have been looking for a little larger RV now for the past couple years...this may not be the most opportune time, however sometimes you just have to keep moving forward. Still have some truck issues to deal with, but have all winter and the opportunity for a larger unit at a very reasonable price with some sweat equity in a major clean-up for a unit that looks great on the outside and no damage on the inside other than a good cleaning is hard to turn down.

One of our long term winter guests from Canada is having some health issues and will not be returning, so he asked to have the trailer cleaned out and sold.

My little trailer has served me well and I will be sad to see it go, however, the crawl up bed is becoming more and more of an issue and I need a regular walk-around to make my life more comfortable as I get older. I am hoping this will be my last RV and serve me until the end of my traveling.

My little trailer is listed as an 18.5 foot but measures about 20 feet, this one is listed as a 25 foot and has a slide out which expands the inside significantly. I am looking forward to the additional space although I fear getting lost!!

Here is a picture of the actual RV!

Still some mess to clean-up!

This is a picture I found online from the same model, showing the entire living area!

I hope to get confirmation of acceptance of my offer today or tomorrow, with plans to move it next to mine in the next week or so and start the task of getting everything moved over and my small one cleaned up and ready to sell!

At least it will have a full sized bed with room to walk around! Obviously needs stripped down and cleaned up!

Stay tuned for details as I move in! More pics when it is all cleaned up!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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  1. Hope that works out for you, Jim. Looks like it will be a good living space for you.