Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Oasis Under Construction

Have spent several days cleaning up my new site and de-constructing the shed as it gets coverted to "Cap's Oasis" water and electric into the shed and tore out all the old shelves and mess that was in there.

Today, I removed some inside paneling so I can run electric and make the large bar window in the patio side. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up some 2 X 4's and get the door installed and the bar window framed out and a few small electrical items squared away.

Took it easy most of the week, wrenched my back really bad tearing out some last weekend. Seems a little better today and the work and exercise did me good, we will see in the morning.

The Plan

The site cleaned up and gravel spread...sewer for the RV is fixed and ready to install with hard pipe rather than flex..

The sink is here and ready to install - waiting on one drain part.

Drain pipe is connected and ready to cut off and set up under sink the sink is going in the back corner.

Fresh water is stubbed in

The current window was for a swamp cooler and is too small for the "Bar"...the wall is stripped down and ready to reframe for the new size which will be 4 feet wide and 42" from the outside patio for 3 bar stools and a fold up hatch.

The Mess

Have the carpet for the floor and paint for the ceiling and walls - bar lights are here and luckily a buddy from Fans Sports Bar has a kegerator he wants to sell cheap - brand new - never used - HUGE SCORE!. Need a full sized fridge for the back wall, beside the sink will be a 4 foot counter for the hot dog roller, toaster oven, hot plate - for coney dogs and room for my crock pot and deep fryer for other cooking projects for pot lucks or special "Oasis Nights"!

Hopefully make some good headway tomorrow and get the trailer moved on Monday or Tuesday!

The solar lights are in and look great..Hummingbirds have found my new feeder!

Stay tuned for more progress over the next few weeks!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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