Sunday, October 29, 2017

Oasis Update - Moving forward

Made a fair amount of headway on the Oasis this week. Reframed the wall under the bar window and finished almost all the electric, only thing left is pendant lights over the bar after painting - wiring is in - just need to hang lights and wire them. Found a refridgerator on the local for sale site and need to pick that up in a few days before the people move. Also found a friend with a Kegerator for sale cheap, need to get that picked up as well. TV Mount is on the way and a new 32 inch Smart TV with WiFi...Dish is going to change out my account from the RV account to a regular dish with Hopper and a Joey for the RV. WiFi should be installed next week after painting is done. Have all the paint and supplies and lumber for the cook counter and bar hatch and bar top...will build after paint.

It will be nice having some counter space to cook from time to time - put the crock pot out there and I have a two burner hot plate, hot dog roller on the way...

Finally got the sink drain plumbing to line up and drain properly!

The man cave is almost complete and nice to see the end in sight - then to paint the outside and get the patio cleaned up and some patio furniture and bar stools - Grill moved over and some nice big potted plants. This spring may put up a Pergola over part of the patio!

Stay tuned paint this week!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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