Monday, August 20, 2018

A little Prank and some cooking!

Sometimes you just have to have a little fun around here...

Part of my summer job around here is handle the after hours phone and a little security patrol at night and then lock the pool and hot-tub and fitness room at 10:00 pm. Every Morning Ric our maint guy unlocks the pool and hot tub, checks the bathrooms and facilities then starts his day, it seems Mondays after the weekend the pool is usually in need to some cleaning. Well this Monday he was in for a surprise! Amazon and I were about to have a little fun...

It was a hit - he laughed and laughed after a little shock at first...

I spent most of Sunday trying out my new Convection Oven in the Oasis - nice to be able to bake things again.

First Up was meatloaf - microwave Stouffers just does not cut it, time for my old recipe and a good meatloaf.

Oven pre-heated to 375...

Back in the trailer mixed up some brownies for dessert.

Meatloaf done and out of the oven...

Brownies in the Oven!

Brownies Done

Dinner Served had some mashed potatoes with the meatloaf!

10 PM The floater went in the pool!

The park is in pretty good shape - Ric is a great guy and really making a difference on the property - with young Bryon off to greener pastures it has taken a little toll on keeping the place pristine, but from a Maintenance perspective things are running smooth. We have had a couple storms with some wind and that always generates some palm fonds down around the park and leaves and windblown trash so that is time consuming to pic up and dispose of.

Can't wait to get out of here for vacation on the 11th!

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