Thursday, August 16, 2018

Update - Summer Fun & Oasis Update

Nice to have my appetite back and adding some new items for cooking and eating. Finally have an oven I can bake in, so time for some goodies...

Also time to get some bigger pans - now that I have a bigger oven to use...

4 cookies just a little too much...

Ordered this the other day should help solve the problem...

The New oven is fantastic and a great addition to the Oasis!

Also ordered a new egg poacher for the microwave! It works great!

It's too hot to work on the Trellis for the Oasis - so decided to get a larger TV for inside the trailer, same as the one outside in the Oasis - 32 inch ROKU barely fits on the counter.

Already have the ceiling fan and misters and solar shield for the trellis, so once the weather breaks a little will get the wood and put is all together! Found this the other day and think it will go well with the trellis and make my outdoor space perfect for relaxing. Gonna order it soon while it is on sale.

Had to order some big boy pants for my trip to Ohio - in case shorts and T-shirts are not warm enough, my last pair of new jeans ended up full of holes from battery acid working on the Golf Cart, so needed a new pair. I fly out of Palm Springs on the 11th of September non-stop to Denver then Non-stop to Cleveland. Arrive in early evening will be a long day.

Look out Ohio, will be there soon!

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