Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog Worthy Barbara!

The wonderful view from the 14th floor - looking West!

The Life Guard stand across the street - Looking East!

The redone kitchen from my last visit - getting ready to change the ceiling light to track lighting!

Damn - What a mess - lots to do!

Gutted bathroom

More work on getting the new sink ready to hook up!

Almost finished - just a towel bar left to go!

Master Bath - new vanity

I have been very busy lately – Made a trip to Miami (I hate Miami), but went down to see an old friend, YES, I do have some friends! She lives in a beautiful condo on Miami Beach and needed some items repaired, so I went down to work for a week and ATTEMPT to empty her job jar! Jesus, the list was long.

Gutted the second bathroom (1/2 bath), total rebuild. New vanity, toilet, ceiling, light, mirror and all the fixtures. Came out very nice, beautiful update. Damn I do good work! Did some tile work on the balcony, put up a new ceiling in the entrance hallway and solved an air conditioning leak. Put up three new track lights, one in the kitchen, which I redid a couple years ago, one in the dining area and one in the master bedroom.

The bathroom came out so good, she decided a new vanity was needed in the master bath as well…of course! So another trip to Home Depot and some more destruction and construction and another days work.

Plus she had a bunch of that furniture that you have to put together and a “closet system” for the master bedroom walk in closet. More destruction and construction and then of course trying to decipher instructions for putting the computer hutch together and two sets of drawers. Trying to find “part A” and determining which screw or fastener they want you to use…what a pain in the ass! All completed and a great time was had by all. Good company, good pay and some fantastic meals!

Went out to my favorite rib place – Tony Romas…and Barbara even bought some wonderful Florida Lobster for one meal and some great gulf shrimp for another meal.

I arrived back in St Pete on Tuesday and unloaded all my tools and got back to getting some work done for the Lodge – still trying to hire a few guides and working on some promotional material for the upcoming Sportsman Shows which begin in early January.

Anyways, just a little update on my activities…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season

Merry Christmas to all!



OH - One other thing - I was finally convinced to open a "Facebook" page - not too sure I really needed something else to keep up with...

But here it is:

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