Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crew 2009 Videos

Here are 4 different really great videos that were prepared by some of the crew this past year.

The infamous group of Kenny Browning who did most of the creation of these wonderful memories and Joel Swanson and PJ Mack - collected from all the crew a bunch of photos and merged it all into a wonderful DVD complete with sound and everything.

I received mine today and decided that is was certainly Blog Worthy and converted them to AVI files and uploaded them to the blog, they were downsampled to reduce the size, but still came out great, so take a few minutes and enjoy some of the highlights from our 2009 season for the crew.

Video number 1 is a great compilation of our 2009 summer!

Video Number 2 highlights some of the crews fishing exploits!

Video Number 3 highlights a little of the scenery and wildlife from 2009!

And finally Video Number 4 is just some great Crew Fun Shots!

Thanks Kendog and Joel for taking the time to collect all the pictures and make them into a wonderful DVD for us all to share with our friends and family!

Now we are looking forward to 2010...make plans to join us.

Capt Jim

BTW - Don't mind some of the misspelled words in the titles...Kendog is only a sophomore in college and the other two morons are college graduates?? Must be a midwest thing! Don't they teach spelling in like elementary school??

The Professor just has to Bust their A%% one more time!

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