Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6th - Crew Guide Training Day 1

A host of new guides for Yes Bay arrived yesterday and today was their first day out fishing with the seasoned guides!

Ans what a perfect day for it...fog in the morning and clear blue skies behind it, bright very calm and warm sunny day, not our normal style of weather, but a great day to be out on the water and fishing.

Batman and Kicker took one boat with one of the new guides, Capt Guy Hickman. They managed to get a small chicken halibut, a real nice yelloweye snapper and a nice sea bass. Oh and Kicker managed to haul in a very big skate off the main! I only wish I would have been on the boat to laugh as he realized all his effort was for naught!

I took out a couple new guides and we trolled for King Salmon for and hour or so, then did a little bottom fishing on my secret yelloweye hole and brought up two decent yelloweyes. Then we picked up to join Kicker and Batman on the main for some halibut. We pulled up and within 5 minutes of arriving we had a double on. One small chicken and a very decent 33 pounder! All in all a very good morning.

L-R - Capt Jim Lucas - Capt Al Bermitz - Capt Phil Cheico

After lunch we headed back out for some serious trolling time to land a King. Another guide had arrived, Capt Greg Walters so Kicker stayed in to get his boat set up and Batman took two and I took two...trolled for a steady four hours with only one small sea bass to show for it. We did manage to catch a couple shakers in the morning but nothing going in the afternoon. We stopped on the way in and caught a nice keeper rock fish and had to put back a small Ling Cod!

All in all a great day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge and a super group of new guides.

Capt Jim

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