Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Weather change seemed to help fishing, at least in the morning although those who stuck with it managed a nice catch all day. Decent weather today with no real rain and the wind stayed down all day as well. More guests so more boats fishing, more pictures today so lets get to the photos...

Batman and Guest

Big John and Guests
And yes that is a real nice 17 plus pound King Salmon, there are still a few around!

Snapper Al and Guests with the morning catch

Snapper Al and Guests with their afternoon catch!

Snowman and Guests - Morning catch

Snowman and Guest with afternoon catch

Capt Bortzie and Guests

Slammer and Guests

Capt Myron and Guests

Yep - You guessed it - another fine day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Capt Jim

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