Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

The weather was pretty good today with some light rain and rain fog in the morning and calm winds, the afternoon turned more sunny and dry and very light winds, so it was calm and nice...the fish were a little less cooperative today, salmon bite was slow and spotty and the halibut bite was non-existent....I know because we tried several spots for a few hours and not one halibut a few nice rock fish, but that was it for bottom fish!

On with the pictures - and there are a bunch today!!

Two of our favorite fisherman were on the Bat Boat this afternoon doing some bottom fishing after the elusive Yellow eye - needless to say Batman put them on the spot and they hooked it and reeled it up from way down there near 500 feet!!

A Great Day at Yes Bay!!

Capt Jim

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