Monday, April 1, 2013

The "Hangy Thing" - Oatman Trip 2 - March 30,2013

I received orders from the boss that she had her heart set on a "Hangy Thing" which later turned into a wind chime from Oatman, the old Mining town near Kingman. We had planned to visit there when she came out, but life got in the way of her trip, but the "Hangy Thing" was still a requirement. So after cleaning the trailer on Saturday Morning, I planned a short 24 mile road trip from Kingman to Oatman on a quest to discover a "Hangy Thing" of my choosing that would satisfy Ms. Patricia.

If you are ever in the area around Kingman a trip to Oatman should be on your MUST DO list. It was and in some respects still is an old mining town that has refused to die. There is still a mine operating in the area, but the town now lives for the tourists and the wild burros! There are a ton of gift shops and ice cream parlor a couple small restaurants and bars and a bunch of wild burros roaming the streets. A worthwhile adventure for sure.

While on my "Hangy Thing" Quest I snapped a few pictures!

Plus the wildflowers are starting to bloom along the road to and from!

An old "Cafe" along Old Route 66 on the way to Oatman!

Browsing the "Hangy Things"

My Choice!

One other quest for me was to replace my pint glass - the one from the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse WY broke!

The WORTHY Replacement

If you go to Oatman buy a bag of carrots at the grocery store before you head there for the Burros they will love you!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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  1. I have traveled through Kingman a dozen times and never knew this gem existed. I will try to get there for sure next time. (Will bring carrots too!)

  2. Jim, this is one that says April 30. It's not a big deal, just thought I'd point it out.

    Oatman is a great little drive. You can then go south, west and north to Laughlin to make a circle back to Kingman.