Friday, October 31, 2014

Blog Update - On the road again - Recap!

Well, I am back on the road again - had a great time in Ohio and got to spend some quality time with my sister and her husband and of course some great times with my old classmates!!

Really do have to send major Thank You's to Thom McKinney for taking the bull by the horns and providing a great location for the birthday party and Libby and Jan for helping at the door and helping promote and shame some lazy-assed people to show up! For the record we had about 60 people total - 55 registered at the door and a few spouses! I am so happy we had a great turn-out!

I flew back to Salt Lake City on Monday the 27th with several projects to accomplish before hitting the road. The thermostat went out on my fridge in the RV so needed to make that repair - then for some reason when I returned the battery on the truck was dead - brand new battery?? So had to get it jump started and then charged..all is well now - there must be a slow drain someplace - everything was turned off it should have been fine??

Took a few more pics in Ohio for you leaf people!

Fixed the fridge on Tuesday and went shopping for the road trip on Wednesday after the fridge cooled down - have a full fridge and ready for adventures!!

Thursday morning I hitched up and drove 481 miles to Pahrump Nevada. Have some business to take care of here and a couple side trips to Death Valley and a Ghost town! May stop by the Chicken Ranch Whorehouse and check out the girls and prices, but suspect it will be more than I want to pay - I can take care of things fine by myself!

While camping on the North Fork this summer, I experienced the ultimate "Outdoor Kitchen" made by Camp Chef and knew that I had to have the full set-up - so while in Salt Lake City I went shopping and bought the 2 burner expedition model, the one burner griddle and the one burner BBQ. See pics below! Friggin thing has two 30K BTU Burners - the griddle works great and have a big rib-eye out for dinner - Ice maker plugged in table set up - outdoor kitchen??? Have fun in the cold weather my Ohio friends...livin the dream!

Anyway after a long and tedious drive through Las Vegas rush hour - arrived Pahrump at about 7:00 pm local time and went to a suggested RV Park and pulled in - nobody in the office, so it said find a site and check in when they open in the morning, so that is what I did. What a beautiful Park. It is the Wine Ridge RV Resort. Go HERE< to check out their site.. This place is beautiful, I will be here for 5 nights before heading to my winter home in 29 Palms, CA.

Some pics of the camp site today! And the new Camp Chef!

Camp all set up!

The new grill ready for breakfast!

Bacon done perfectly!!

The ice maker plugged in and ready for "Happy Hour"!

BBQ set on the grill for tonight's steak!

Plan is to stay here for the weekend with a trip to Death Valley tomorrow and a ghost town on Sunday - DMV on Monday then head to 29 Palms on Tuesday or so...have work to do when I get there!! Gotta do SOME work!

Stay Tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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